Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day, Earth Tones

Today is Earth Day! Turn off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth and turn the light off if you're not in the room, unplug any appliances that aren't being used and go the extra seven steps to a trash bin instead of just 'letting the wind' take your trash. Our office has 2 recycling bins and so many plants we have a little office garden (all potted). 

For those of you who would like to go a step further than creating a greener environment for yourself but incorporate it more into your lifestyle, past Whole Foods, take a look at Glass House Shirtmakers. They up-cycle old shirts into new pocket squares, which is genius! 

Salvaged shirts into new pocket squares!
Featured in Esquire, image source: Esquire

The colorful pocket squares are great to bring neutral suits to life or bring a more vivacious attitude in more vibrants blazers or suits with character.

Want to try this for yourself or tired of seeing that ragged shirt on him that he refuses to throw out or stop wearing? Try these instructions!

What you will need:
- Button Down Shirt
- Iron
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine (Preferably a Purl Stitch Machine, if not, a general home-sewer will work)
- Pins (if you are using a home sewing machine)
-Matching or Contrasting Thread to the Shirt

Step 1: Find old button down shirt
Step 2: Iron shirt and lay flat on surface
Step 3: Use a ruler to mark up a square (10" is average, 12" is large). If the shirt has checks or stripes, use the pattern as a guideline. Otherwise, try to make the side lines parallel to the shirt's side seams. 
Step 4: Cut square out, use shirring scissors (scissor blades are zig-zagged) if available to prevent frayed edges. 
Step 5-A, Purl Stitch: If you have a purl stitch machine, simply sew along the edge of the square to finish the edges. 
Step 5-B, Home Sewing Machine: Fold the edges over twice and pin in place. Sew along the edge of the first fold (not the edge of the square itself). 

Step 6: Learn how to fold your pocket square Here and Here
Step 7: Pair with a jacket and enjoy! 

If you aren't a fan of wearing a vibrant green aside from on St. Patrick's Day or during Christmas, subtle earth tones are a sophisticated way of wearing and acknowledging Mother Nature. Earth tones tend to be geared towards browns and greens and sometimes blues and dark reds. As long as the color can be found in nature, generally the forest, it's considered an earth tone.

Earth Tone jackets and trench coat, left to right: tweed, houndstooth, linen, linen, textured gray-green, olive green trench coat.
copyright 9tailors, LLC.

Interested in an earth tone jacket? Need a light trench coat for the Spring/Summer? Want to glisten up your custom made suit with horn buttons and a vibrant pocket square and shirt? Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com

An Earth Day Bonus?
Environmental campaigns used to be stressed in younger generations with posters and cartoon commercials about turning of the sink faucet and smokey the bear. FernGully came out and was mini-cult classic amongst toddlers and children, Captain Planet and Ms. Frizz (from the Magic School Bus) ruled the hearts of children before they went to the school bus. This was all before the big Go Green Initiative Campaign that took the nation by storm thanks to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio who empathized the importance of carbon footprints. Now so many people are just expected to be green and cities are adapting with recycle bins being paired next to trash cans the option is at least there, take our restaurants are looking for compostable silverware and Epic came out to revive little hearts of newer generations, past FernGully. 

With all those reminiscent glances, I leave you with the opening of Captain Planet to remind the grown adults what it was like to learn about the environment and not get too caught up with work or be influenced by Hollywood and trends about whether or not they should care. Trends can get tiring and it's nice to look back and be reminded why you began tossing beer cans and egg cartons into a blue bin to begin with. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Congratulations to Marc and Jen!

You've been following our journey to help Boston Marathon tragedy survivor, Marc Fucarile, and his wife, Jennifer Regan, in their wedding planning for the last few weeks. We met Marc and Jen back in February and designed gorgeous suits for Marc and their son, Gavin. Last night, the couple were married at Fenway Park and celebrated their special day at the elegant, Hotel Commonwealth. While temperatures hovered around 40°, their story of love, courage and endurance warmed our hearts.

Here's a sneak peak of the festivities last night! Congratulations to our beautiful couple!

Also, we wanted to express our gratitude to the incredible Love Runs Through Boston team. Thank you for giving Marc and Jen the most memorable day!

Boston Uplights  
Cakes for Occasions
Cookie Creatives
Demiche Beaute
DJ Raffi
Dulce Press
Carol Colman Collages
Megan Chapin Calligraphy
Mimosa Floral Design
Rentals Unlimited
Officiant – Elizabeth Gemelli
Espresso Dave's Specialty Coffee Catering
Duck boats
Fenway Park
Hotel Commonwealth

To contact a Style Consultant, please email us at info@9tailors.com.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Glimpse at a Client's Beautiful Wedding, Featuring our Bride-Groom, Tanya Cashorali

It's a rare occasion when we are granted full access to a client's wedding album rather than a few picked images. When we get to look through all of the pictures, we get to experience their wedding on a different level. Aside from being able to dress them and seeing the traditional group shots of the wedding parties, we get to see the ceremony and reception, the details of the reception and the progression of the night. 

One of our lovely, lovely clients has granted us this gracious access, Tanya Cashorali. Please enjoy a glimpse of her matrimonial day with her partner, Stephanie, as much as I did. 

Name: Tanya Cashorali


Wedding Date: November 2, 2013

Current Residence: Somerville, MA

Occupation: Director of Analytics

How Long Have You Been a 9tailors Client? 11 Months

Why Choose Custom?
I wanted the suit to be absolutely perfect, both in style and comfort sense. I knew I wanted something traditional, off-white and sleek. Suits for women can be a hit or miss and so, I knew that it needed to be designed custom for me in order to look good!

What Was Your Favorite Memory From Your Wedding Day?
There are too many to name, but seeing everyone cheer and looks o happy while we were announced as a married couple for the first time is definitely something we will never forget.

What Is Your Wedding Style?
We went for a classic look and feel with a few modern touches.

What Is Your Best Style Advice to Grooms and Brides Looking For Wedding Suits?
Make sure you feel confident and attractive in whatever you decide to wear. If you don't feel comfortable in your suit or even shoes, that will show in your wedding pictures. Go through ever detail possible during the design process and then let your confidence take center stage when you put on your custom suit on your wedding day.

Does your partner want to compliment your gown but with a suit? Interested in getting that special tailored look you can't find off the racks or a suit that fits right for a special occasion? Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com.

As a reminder, we are still having our April Promotion of Buy a Suit, Get a Shirt!

Wedding Photography by Deacon Tyler for F-Sequence Studio

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Much is Too Much Pattern?

Pattern button down shirts have been coming into men's fashion for the past few years that started of cautiously but is now running with the wind. So, how do you know when too much pattern is too much? 
Simple answer: when it hurts your eyes. 

Everyone tends to start with plaid or stripped shirts when beginning to venture off of the solid colors. 
source: GQ
Cameron from Modern Familiy,
Source: 4.bp.blogspot

And then there's always the floral print that is becoming a classic. But how do you wear floral? Well, the louder you go, the more casual you become. 
This shirt is a great example of a floral shirt you could wear with a conservative suit in the office. A solid conservative suit will balance out the floral print. Keeping the floral print on a smaller scale will keep it from getting too loud. Try to keep in mind the colors you are wearing as well, this shirt is a nice light blue, keeping in line with traditional work shirts. 
Ted Baker Fiftrim Floral Button Down
Source: Ted Baker
The louder the print, the more casual you become. Something to keep in mind when wearing loud floral is to watch when it starts adapting a tropical flavor. Once you go there, you either border or enter the Hawaiian shirt territory; which are great for vacations or if you work at Pixar, but not so much for every day work wear. This shirt keeps an upbeat playful attitude while catering to those who are bolder than someone just entertaining floral. 
source: Gitman Bros, Mon Chou Chou print

What's really growing in popularity are tiny prints and I love them! It's more playful than floral but can still be conservative at first glance due to its small scale. They are also in vogue this season for men but I'm sure they'll be sticking around much longer than that. 

Polka dots are a classic more playful pattern. Most men tend to shy away from this look, thinking it to be more feminine, associating it with children. However, printed shirts are becoming more playful and are allowing men to be less conservative without going overboard. 
Ted Baker Thebosa Shirt
source: Ted Baker
This shirt looks conservative from afar but when you get up close, it's full of fishes!!
Ted Baker Fishbiz Shirt
source: Ted Baker

Now this isn't to say that you can't wear louder shirts full of color or large prints. If you though, just be sure to own it. Don't let the shirt wear you, you better be wearing that shirt and showing it off with pride! 
Cameron of Modern Family
source: AfterElton

Want to know what patterns we have? Thinking about trying to pair a fun shirt with your suit? Take advantage of our Buy a Suit, Get a Shirt promotion! Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Buy a Suit, Get a Shirt!

Everyone needs a well fitting shirt to go with their custom suit.
For the month of April, we're making it easier for you to mix and match your suits and shirts! 

Buy a Suit, Get a Shirt!*
restrictions apply
*You will receive a $79.00 credit towards a shirt for each suit purchase. 
*Promotions cannot be combined
*Shirt credit cannot be gifted to someone else, must be used by client purchasing suit
*Must be redeemed in the same appointment
*Applies for Super 150 suiting and above only
*cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent 
*expires 4/30/2014

Book an appointment with a style consultant at info@9tailors.com! 
Photograph by Channing Johnson

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Collection featuring Her

Technology is advancing at a greater pace than we have ever thought was actually possible. Sure, we imagined it and expected to go faster if anything given our predictions for what the year 2010 was supposed to look like from movies made in the 1970's and 1980's. But realistically? We can only expect so much to happen at once or really, we can only expect so much to be released on the open market. Otherwise, I think we're catching up to our fantasies and science fiction stories at an alarming rate. 

Generations are being raised on i-pads and smart phones. We live on our phones. We are lost if we can't find our phone, forget it at home or god forbid - the battery dies and we don't have a charger with us or even more tormenting, no outlet. We socialize with each other in person while keeping our eyes on our miniature screen and barely put it down; whether it work, social media (not actually socializing with other people, but networking) or just playing candy crush, the large majority of us don't know how to be present. 

source: 2.bp.blogpsot

Her is a beautiful movie by Spike Jonze about socially reconnecting ... with an IOS system. But nonetheless, Joaquin Pheonix's character, Theodore, learns how to love again and how to emotionally reconnect, eventually, with another person and how to get himself out of his own funk. 

For the put together guy who finds freedom with technological growth and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets, we give you, our outfit inspired by Theodore from Her.
A laid back but tailored linen jacket keeps things casual but put together when you're out and about. You may not have to wear a wool suit to the office everyday but you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed. The colored cotton pants keeps the outfit lively with fun socks to match and play on subtle details, like the purple stripes in your custom shirt. The custom shirt has two chest pockets for your phone (where Theodore keeps his) or business cards, ready for you to connect with anyone at the local coffee shop or wifi bar. The shirt also features a special button down that I have yet to see anywhere else. Photos to follow in a few weeks. 

Interested in a casually tailored garment like a blazer or just pants for the warmer seasons? Want to have brighter colors and start exploring away from the ordinary navy's and gray's? Want a different kind of collar like the 'batman' collar or want to even know what a 'batman' collar is and how many different ways we can button down the collar? Contact us at info@9tailors.com! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clean Shoes, Clean Details: Socks

Now that your shoes are shined and ready for Spring, don't forget the details. Socks and colored shoelaces have become surprisingly important in menswear fashion in the past few years. People are paying more attention to the pattern and colors of your socks and how they match up with your tie or pocket square. The sock is one of the few places that you can have some fun with while at work. 

Ryan Gosling at "Drive" premiere showing off red socks with black loafers.
source: mensfashionmagazine

Keeping it (kind of) Conservative,

If you don't know where to start but want to start exploring, start with playing with classics. Argyle and stripes are safe bets but are brought to life with bright color combinations or go for playful patterns, like polka dots, but stick with classic colors, like black and white. Our client demonstrates the latter option below. 

Actual Client, Dan, showing off playful black and white polka dotted socks with red shoelaces to match the heel of the sock over black shoes. It all ties together so seamlessly, you can't help but love it! 

If you really want to jump into the trend but not get overwhelmed by too many options off a wall, Happy Socks makes gift sets for men with a perfect balance! The argyles keep it classic but the colors make it more playful. Blue is always a safe color and also is the most favored color among men, so you can't go wrong. The gray is a safe color that matches just about anything but keeps it alive with the pink edge and blue toes. The polka dots stay playful but not too outrageously so with it's navy background. This gift set has the conservative sets for work and bolder sets for weekends. 
Happy Socks gift set for Men, $45.00

Want to be a little more playful than argyle's and polka dots but still be able to wear socks to work? Again, play with the pattern but stick with conservative colors. It keeps the looks well balanced and not too overwhelming in the office as you walk by.
Happy Socks, Paisley $12.00

If you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of black and white socks in fun patterns. The pops of color on the heel, toe and band are always hidden surprises that allow you to wear these socks in conservative settings. You get to have fun without looking inappropriately dressed.
Ted Baker Hounds Tooth Socks, $24.75

Getting Playful and Bold,

The geometric pattern and bolder color makes this sock better suited for play and a casual or bolder suit. This would look fantastic with the bluer suits our clients have been ordering! Very seasonally appropriate.
Ted Baker Banofie Sock, $14.03

Super playful and absolutely for weekend wear. Whenever a sock is covered in an all-out print such as parrots, you can't resist buying them but you have to make certain you're showing them off with the right outfit.
Ted Baker Madera Sock, $14.03

Floral, floral everywhere! It can't be Spring without roses blooming and gardens getting replanted and freshened for the long sunny Summer days to come.
Happy Socks Rose Sock, $12.00

Boston Magazine employed local illustrator, Nick Sullivan to show wearers how to show off their socks on weekends by rolling up their pants.

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

Love having a pair of pants that fits you perfectly? Want to know if we can make you custom chinos for Spring or shorts for the Summer? We can! Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com