Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grey Matter: 20% Discount on Grey Custom Suits!

There's no better time to go grey...grey suiting that is. Grey is modern. Grey is versatile. Grey is dapper. Starting from Monday, September 15 until the end of September, we will be offering a 20% discount on our grey suiting (super 150s and up). 

Contact a Style Consultant at or at 617.286.6135. 

Rules & Restrictions: 

  • Must be solid grey or mostly grey background with stripes and/or checks
  • Discount applies to fabrics super 150s or higher
  • Must purchase a two or three piece suit. Suit separates do not qualify.
  • Sale ends 9/30/2014
  • Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Offer cannot combined with other discounts or promotions

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kicking Off the Season with Johnny Hekker

Football is finally back! We're celebrating the new NFL season with Pro Bowl punter and St. Louis Rams player, Johnny Hekker. Although he's best known for his boot (and sometimes for his arm), he's also knowledgeable when it comes to men's fashion and never misses an opportunity to get dressed up. During our consultations together, we learned a few things about Johnny and his off-the-field style. He prefers slim-fitting garments. He adores his Boxer puppy, Nellie. And, when returns home to Seattle, he never misses a chance to enjoy a delicious dim sum meal. 

Name: Johnny

Age: 24

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Current Residence: St. Louis, MO

Occupation: Punter

9tailors Client Since: May 2014

copyright 9tailors, LLC

Why Choose Custom?

I chose custom because I have a unique body style that has a hard time fitting properly in manufactured suits. I also enjoy a nice, fitted look that is tight in the right areas and allows freedom and movement. I also love getting to have a say in colors, patterns, and other details that make a suit unique.

copyright 9tailors, LLC

How Difficult Is It To Find Garments For Your Specific Needs & Style?

It is very difficult to find garments that fit as desired because I have very long arms and bigger legs from kicking. This makes for a tough decision as to which items going to fit properly. 

copyright 9tailors, LLC

What Inspires Your Style?

I would say I am inspired by simple looks that have hidden gems of personal touch. I love the look of fitted suits and the sleek style of Bradley Cooper, if I had to pick a celebrity look-a-like.

What Is Your Favorite Piece from 9tailors?

I enjoy my blue suit with paisley lining.

copyright 9tailors, LLC
How Would You Advise Fellow NFL Players?

I would advise other NFL players that a great custom suit doesn't have to break your bank. With 9tailors, I was in complete control of the look and styling of my suit and I was blown away with the quality and value for what I paid. Having an individual and self expressive suit goes a long way to building the confidence needed for game day. 

Although we support our hometown Patriots, Johnny has gingerly (pun intended) swooped into and melted our hearts. 

Want to design something inspired by your celebrity style-go-to? Loving the blue-gray suit on Johnny or need help accessorizing? Contact a style consultant at

Pieces You Need and Want for Fall 2014

You've celebrated the last vestiges of summer this past weekend. We're now eagerly awaiting for the new season to begin. It's almost time to pack up your shorts and polos. But, what do you need for fall 2014? Here are the top five tips you should be paying attention to.

Fall Tip #1: Brown and Green

These were the two primary colors for fall 2014. The somber look of these two colors provides a refreshing contrast to last season's brights blues. We recommend trying a suit or suit separate in mocha brown or olive green.

Fall Tip #2: Texture

We love layering various textures together! It adds visual interest and depth to any outfit. We recommend trying pairing a tweed jacket with a knit-wool tie. Or, you can wear your chunky knit sweater over your chambray shirt. The possibilities are endless.

Fall Tip #3: Tonal

Try monochromatic this fall from head to toe. We're particularly partial to tonal grays and taupe for a sophisticated look. But, extra points are given to those who can pull off all white!

Fall Tip #4: The dress boot

This trend carried over from last year. But, we still love the way the dress boot falls under a narrow trouser leg or a cuffed jeans. Go with laces or monk straps. Either are sure to be a great investment for the fall and winter.

Fall Tip #5: Military

This fall is all about the masculine and the rugged. We're seeing military influences everywhere from over-sized coats to bomber jackets. How about adding gun flap to your outerwear or epaulets to your shirt? We recommend trying fitted dress pants with cargo pockets in textured tweed or suiting wool.

What's on your list? Need to refresh your clothing for fall? Email us at

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does Your Shirt Fit You Correctly?

Unless you are one of the rare folks who fit into off-the-rack clothing perfectly, it can be a pain to find a shirt that suits. Going custom will help you avoid the hassle of the hunt. If you must purchase store-bought shirt, here are some fit tips!

TIP #1 COLLAR - Enough space for a finger or two between you in the collar. 

The collar of a shirt should rest on the skin of your neck with enough space for you to easily slip one finger in between the fabric and your neck. If you can fit more, then it's too large. If you fit a finger in between the fabric and your neck without tugging, have a hard time buttoning the collar or just plain can't breath, it's too small.

**Try flipping the collar up before buttoning the top of button of the collar. **

TIP #2: SHOULDER - The seam of the shoulder should rest where your shoulder ends, letting the sleeve drape neatly while giving you the appropriate sleeve length. If the seam hangs over your shoulder, it's too large. If it is tight on your upper bicep, it is too small.

TIP #3: TORSO - The shirt should contour the shape of your midsection. If the shirt is billowy and you have the infamous "parachute back". If the buttons are pulling at all or you're having trouble moving, it's too small.

**The term "Slim Fit" is used liberally by brands to describe their fit styles. So, try a few different brands out to see which one fits you the best.**

TIP #4: SLEEVES - Unbuttoned, the sleeve should hit the top of the middle of the hand. When buttoned, the sleeves should reach to just past your wrist bone. Try your shirt on with a jacket. You should see between 1/4" to 1/2" of sleeve cuff peeking through the jacket.

**Don't lift your arms, like a zombie, to check sleeve length. It's highly doubtful you'll be walking around like that all day.**

TIP #5: SHIRT LENGTH - The shirt should reach to just past the middle of your trouser zipper. If the shirt grazes the top of your thigh, it is too long. If it is just past your waist and your stomach shows when you lift your arms even slightly, it's too short.

So, there you have it. Five simple tips for finding the perfect shirt for your shape and size. You might find that you'll have to compromise - it fits here, but not there. Lucky for you, we're available at to schedule a consultation and design a shirt that fits you perfectly, in every way.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be the buyer...and win!

You have excellent taste, my friend. Now you have a chance to disseminate your good style choices among the masses. Help us by being our accessories buyer. As a thank you, one lucky individual will win two pocket squares of his or her choice! 

Here's how it works: 
  1. Vote by commenting on your favorite fabric below. The most popular choice will get turned into a hand-sewn pocket square debuting this fall. 
  2. Follow and share our InstagramFacebook and/or Twitter accounts with your friends and get them to follow, share and vote! 
  3. Deadline is Friday, August 15 at 11:59PM EST. 
  4. A chosen winner will be announced by Monday, August 18. We'll contact you via  InstagramFacebook and/or Twitter

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get a killer wardrobe...

This is your invitation to our best sale ever. From August 1 through August 30, you can pick up a beautiful garment or two. Your wardrobe and your wallet thank you. 

Here's the breakdown.  

Shirts: $35.00
Jackets: $60.00
Pants: $45.00
Skirts: $40.00
Vests: $40.00

As always, our sample sales are by-appointment only. Email us at We'll have a Style Consultant on-hand to help you dig through the samples, so you won't have to! We're limiting our sample sale appointments to Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. 

If you can't find anything at the sample sale that suits, we're offering our clients 10% off on certain full-priced merchandise.*

* Sample Sale Rules and Restrictions:
  • Sample sale items refer to excess inventory and samples currently stocked in the studio.
  • All items marked as sample sale are final sale only and cannot be exchanged or returned for refund.  
  • 10% discount is valid on full-priced items over $100.00 only. Must be redeemed same day as sample sale appointment. Cannot be combined with sample sale merchandise, other discounts or promotions we are currently running.
  • Sample sale and 10% discount expires on August 30, 2014. 
  • Prices do not include alterations. Alterations will be completed by client's own alterations tailor. 
  • Other rules and restrictions may apply. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To: Pack a Suit Jacket

It's finally summer! It's time to gear up and unleash your inner adventurer. One of the worst things about travelling? Packing. If you're like many men out there, packing takes about 5 minutes. But, you might wind up with too few undershirts or too many socks. If you add a suit to mix, it adds another layer of tedium and challenge.

Lucky for you, we have just the trick when it comes to packing your sport coats and suit jackets.

Avoid ruining your valuables with this...

                                          Four Signs You Have a Packing Problem. Packing Tips for those who have left their passport at home, cleaned up messy shampoo spills or stuff their suitcase too much! Via Independent Traveler

by using our step-by-step instruction:

  1. Grab your suit jacket
  2. Reach both hands into the shoulders of the jacket
  3. Ensure your hands reach to the end of the shoulder inside the jacket
  4. Fold the shoulders back to meet each other (as if clapping your hands together)
  5. Take one of your hands and turn the jacket inside out by folding it over the other shoulder (Keeping the lining outside keeps the fabric safe when packed)
  6. Ensure it's folded over neatly, meeting the other shoulder,
  7. Straighten it out
  8. Fold it half neatly
  9. Place neatly in your suitcase and hop on the bus/car/boat/plane!

To see the full video how-to, follow us on Instagram. Happy travels, gentlemen!