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Sunday, October 14, 2007

mission impossible? solved!

"...so you're petite and curvy, huh?" ai ghee said to me one day. "i'm petite and slim! we are like a shopping mission impossible!" ai ghee exclaimed. "i know!" i replied.

for years i've spent hours and hours searching for clothes that fit my body type. of course, i would i stumble upon the "LBD" (little black dress) or the perfect trench, but honestly, sometimes it was like finding a needle in a haystack. so, how have i been shopping the last few years? just barely...up until now that is.

you're probably wondering who we are, right? 9tailors is the newest player in "DIY" (Design-It-Yourself). what does that mean exactly? it means that we empower our customers to make the most critical decisions about how they want their clothes to look, feel, and fit. essentially, we help our customers create pieces that reflect their personal style, complement their body shape and skin tone, and enhance their work and play wardrobe.

but doesn't that cost the customer three month's rent to custom-make clothes? no! at 9tailors we believe that stylish and luxurious looking pieces should be affordable. so, put your cash reserves, the one you designated for emergency purposes only, where you originally hid/stored it, you'll need that for other things.

so how did we come up with this idea? i met ai ghee last year while we were going to school in Nanjing, China. after making more than 120 pieces of clothing with our favorite tailor, wang long, purchasing yards and yards of fabric from the local fabric market, advising our friends on fashion and style tips, and wondering how we ever lived before without a tailor to make clothes that actually fit us, we decided to turn our love for customizing clothes into a business.

over the last few months we've asked some very knowledgeable people to help us turn our idea into reality. Kate Rudman teamed up with us as our in-house fashion and design expert. Justin and Austin Wei joined later to help us think through our business concept and model.

so, what's in the name? in chinese culture, the number ‘9’ signifies longevity and success. it is also the number of the dragon, an auspicious creature in chinese culture.

when are we going to launch? in two months. we are all working very hard to get this thing going.

what are you going to find on our website? men's and women's shirts and suits, and women's dresses.

i think that's enough for today. look out for more entries and updates on our progress.


sam shih

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Unknown said...

加油加油!i like this entry. 120 pieces!? you're kiddin' me? I thought it's more than that.. haha