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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

suit yourself: people with style (sam)

so, i know that i said that we would be coming online at the end of november and i know that many of you are anxiously awaiting to submit your first order. however, we hit a little time line snag. it’s really nothing to cry about (ok, awei cried a little bit. when i caught him, he claimed that his eyes were "sweaty"). rest assured that the 9tailors team is working very hard to make this thing happen so that you can enjoy your custom-made clothes soon!

in other exciting news, we hit a major milestone late last night/early this morning. at 2:00 am on december 5th, 9tailors officially submitted their first order!

the client? confidential.

the product? a strapless, tea-length cocktail dress made with a layer of chiffon and a layer of satin. and, of course, we are making a matching wrap to cover our client's very bare shoulders.

i will keep you all posted on the progress of our first order.

so, i promised a while ago that i would showcase someone i thought who had style. this week i bring to you: abigail barrett.

“no pictures of me unless i approve, or sue time. yup, lawyers. i have a reputation to uphold.” – abbey barrett

and, what a reputation indeed (and not in a dirty, hussy kind of way). i have known abbey since our days at brown. while her address, hair color, and dating/marital status (she just got engaged to jonathan bloom a month ago!) have changed, a few things have remained constant: her wit, her polished appearance, and her impeccable taste in clothes. her look is a mixture of where she currently lives, new york - urban and sophisticated - and where she grew up, rhode island - preppy, clean, and vintage. my favorite thing about abbey? she knows when to save her money and when to splurge so that she can build a one-of-a-kind closet that suits her budget and style.

since abbey threatened to slap me with a lawsuit for publishing pictures of her that would ruin her reputation, i decided to include a few pictures of pieces she has in her closet.

sam: what's the coolest thing you own in your closet?
abbey: coolest thing? it’s easier to think of the coolest thing i don't own. for instance, i must have ysl’s wood-heel, croc pumps (pictured above). i still want a goyard bag (pictured left) even though everyone has one and i am starting to not like them. i love my leopard-print, calf-hair doctor's bag and my white suede and silver-metallic leather cowboy boots that anne [royan] gave me. i also love my pink metallic leather balenciaga stilettos (also from anne). plus, i absolutely love all of my costume jewelry and my mud-brown, floor-length, velvet cape-style coat that i bought at a flea market. and finally, i love my black patent-leather mary-janes (similar style pictured below). how hot are those?! in love.

sam: what/who inspires you? why?
abbey: anne [royan] inspires me.

sam: what is your worst-ever fashion-faux pas?
abbey: my worst ever fashion faux pas would be those hideous boots everyone wore in high school that had heels in "low top" form. i pretty much blocked the brand from memory, so as to never discover them again. also flannel shirts. ew. and, unfortunately, au natural eyebrows.
(sam: i'm sorry, abbey. i don't think what those boots look like. does anyone know which shoes she's referring to?)

sam: what would you never be caught wearing?
abbey: there is a time, place, and style for everything. i wouldn’t want to say i’d never wear anything. who knows?

do you know someone who you think has style or do you think you have style? e-mail us info@9tailors.com so we can feature you or your friend on our blog.

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