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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(brides)maid to order

wedding season 2008 is in full swing! i think it was the movie 27 dresses that sort of kicked it off for me. i am secretly obsessed with weddings. i, along with the other 5 women out there (you know who you are), signed up on the website, theknot, way before i was even engaged. with each mouse click, i would sigh a little longer and a little louder as i gushed over each wedding gown, cake, and bridesmaid dress.

for awhile, i was able to satiate these secret obsessions with the weddings i had been invited to. just last weekend i attended my friend robert's wedding (congrats guys!). this upcoming weekend i am a bridesmaid at alice and max's wedding. and, i just found out about another wedding that's happening on may 3.

so, you'd think that by the time it got to be my turn to plan my own wedding, i would be master-in -command, delegating and deciding without a hint of hesitation. but, you would be wrong! after being engaged for a little under a week, i realized that planning a wedding is not a piece of fondant and butter cream frosted cake! I am already feeling the wedding frenzy: reception locations, invitations, guest list, bachelor(ette) parties, flowers, and favors!

the one constant is knowing that i don't have to worry about my bridesmaid dresses. 9tailors makes bridesmaid dresses in a myriad of colors, styles and shapes. i am bound to find at least one 9tailors custom dress that will compliment each of my bridesmaid's body type and style preferences since our dresses are mix and match bodices and skirts.

not only that, i know that my bridesmaids will have minimal (if even) alterations. so it's a win-win situation for everyone!

for my petite bridesmaid, i feel like she needs a simple silhouette that does not overwhelm her body. i would go with a medium v-neck and small a-line skirt. from the 9tailors spring/summer 2008 collection, i would go with (pictured right):

neckline: "olivia"
skirt: "kate"

for my apple-shaped bridesmaid, i think she would need a dress that deemphasizes her midsection while flattering her amazing long legs. in that case, an empire waisted dress is a good choice (pictured left). I would pick:

neckline: "elizabeth"
skirt: "sophia"

for my pear-shaped bridesmaid, i think she would look so beautiful in a dress that compliments her amazing shoulders, while at the same minimizes her hips (pictured right). for this bridesmaid, i think she would look nice in:

neckline: "madeline"
skirt: "heath"

for my a-cup bridesmaid, i think she can handle all the attention in a dress with a deep v-neck. for this bridesmaid, i think she would look fabulous in (pictured left) :

neckline: "rebecca"
skirt: "beatrice"

it's so easy to mix and match our bodices and skirts. so, at my wedding, even if the fondant tasted like rubber and the dj played "YMCA" even though i had asked him not to, at least i feel reassured that my bridesmaids look beautiful and feel comfortable.

oh, and by the way, if you need a gift for your groomsmen, you should also consider making them monogrammed custom-made dress shirts! affordable. classy.

if you would like to make affordable, custom-made bridesmaid or special occasion dresses, let 9tailors help you! contact us at info@9tailors.com.

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