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Friday, May 2, 2008

tie one on: bowtie

there are a few reasons every guy should learn to tie a bowtie:

reason #1: you don't want to lo
ok like a 5 year old with a clip on bow tie.
enough said.

reason #2: you can use the bowtie knot for professional gain.
ok, true story - loo is a seasoned bowtie wearer. he started wearing the bowtie to impress his wife's bosses because they all wore bowties and he wanted to help her get promoted. his wife is now a partner in a multi-billion firm.

reason #3: you want to balance your overly large head
a tie can actually make a wide face look even wider. balance is key. the horizontal placement of a bowtie makes your face, neck and body look more proportional.

here is how to tie one on....

materials needed:
a real bowtie and mirror
# of tries before i got it right: 3
primary source:
difficulty: medium (surprisingly....thought it would be more difficult than that)
best practices:
before trying to tie this on your leg, try tying the bowtie around your leg first.

step 1: wrap the bowtie around your neck, so that side "b" is about two inches longer than side "a".

step 2: cross "b" over "a"

step 3: as in any knot, bring "b" under "a" so that end of b is facing upwards.

step 4: now, this is tricky....read carefully. fold "a" in half, so that the end of the "a" faces to the right side side. "a" should now look kind of like a loop.

only three more steps!

step 5: bring "b" over "a," so that it forms some what of a "+" sign

step 6: this is the trickiest part. pay attention.
  • hold the middle of the "+" with your right hand.
  • then, bring side "b" under the folded end of "a" using your left hand. it should feel like you went around in circle.
  • fold "b" in half (similar to step 4), so that the end of "b" faces your left side and the folded part faces the right side.
  • poke the folded part of "b" under the loop (center knot) you just made, so that the folded part is now on the right side of the knot.

step 7: now, it looks reminiscent of a bowtie. but, the bowtie needs some tidying up. first, to tighten the knot, tug bottom parts of the folded ends away from the center knot. second, to straighten everything up, adjust the center knot.

if there are other how-tos you would like us to try out, let us know at info@9tailors.com.

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