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Monday, June 16, 2008

Because Maxim said so...

About a month ago, I started receiving Maxim Magazine in my mailbox. I was a little surprised since I did not actually purchase a subscription (neither had Awei). Nevertheless, I have been entertaining myself with the photos and humorous reads on gadgets, games, girls and guy's version of celeb gossip (for instance, the latest on Jessica Alba and the internet rumor about about a possible appearance of Kimbo Slice on UFC).

It appears (as featured on page 102 of the July issue) that bespoke has entered mainstream. In the article, How to Buy - bespoke everything, Maxim writes, "While a made-from scratch shirt ain't cheap ($120 to $600), it's worth it. 'You'll have exact fit and no excess fabric at the waist,' says Quinn (Duncun Quinn of Duncun Quinn haberdashery).'" Ahh, yes. Wise words.

(Image right from Maxim Magazine, July 2008)

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