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Friday, December 5, 2008

9tailors is wedded to an idea...

Does your bride-to-be drop not-so-subtle hints that you should help with the wedding?

Fear not. 9tailors has a little suggestion that can make you look more involved. Hire Pink Orchid Weddings - the best in day-of coordination (for grooms-to-be, that means they help you plan and manage all the activities going on your wedding day, so all you have to worry about is getting married and celebrating).

Pink Orchid weddings was started by two friends, Emilie Chang and Fiona Ip. Emilie, the creative force, will help your honey decide between alabaster and antique white invitations. Fiona, the organizing whiz, will ensure that every activity, from your first kiss to your first dance, is executed on time.

If you are a 9tailors customer, you get a 10% discount off of their "Blush Package." This is their most comprehensive day-of coordination services that includes a detailed schedule of events, vendor coordination, and an invisible hand to work out all the kinks!

Direct your fiancee to Pink Orchid Weddings. Or, show her these gorgeous pictures. You'll go back to be being her knight-in-shining-armor in no time.

Earthy accents

Sweet endings

Pure enlightenment

To redeem your discount, just tell Emilie or Fiona you were referred to them by 9tailors.

E-mail Pink Orchid Weddings for more information.

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