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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fit Test

As many of you know, we recently partnered up with a suit-making company, Evolution of Style. So, they set up "The Fit Test" to see if our shirts actually stand up to the off-the-rack designer labels . I don't really need to say anything, as you can see for yourself the results of the test. Check out the photos below.

This is what Jonathan Mustich, the founder of Evolution of Style, had to say, "Today I received my custom made shirts from 9tailors.com and I'll let you decide which looks better. Not only does it look better I am much more comfortable in it which helps me be more confident throughout the day. I was once like you where I thought the normal off the shelf dress shirt would fit, but after getting my first custom shirt I will never go back. The most astonishing part is through 9tailors.com they are less expensive than most name brands while using the same great fabrics!"

Click here to continue reading about the test.

Thanks to the guys from Evolution of Style for making "The Fit Test" possible!

For amazing suits, go to Evolution of Style. Those guys really know how to do suits well.

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