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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fashion Show Was a Huge Success!

Our fashion show with Lily & Migs at the Liberty Hotel last Thursday was a hit. As the Summer Associate at 9tailors, I experienced my first fashion show ever and it was amazing to watch it all happen from start to finish.

After a very successful fitting with our models, we were confident that we’d put on a great show. On the day of the show, all the models for 9tailors and Lily & Migs were packed into a hotel room to get their hair and makeup done. Talk about organized chaos! Through all the hairspray, last minute alterations, and cameras snapping, you could feel the excitement and nervous energy of the models and designers. But, once the first model stepped onto the runway to the rhythmic music and the crowd filled the lobby, all the tension was released. Thankfully the show ran smoothly, without any major hiccups, and the enthusiastic crowd definitely helped bring the energy.

Our models were dressed to the nines, with a huge helping hand from stylist Allison Abrams of Polished Wardrobe Advising. And the 9tailors shirts looked impeccable, accented by stylish hats from Salmagundi. Evolution of Style provided us with the suits and Bonobos provided us with pants.

These photos are from our fitting with the models.

Allison dressing our model, Michael

Amy Patt, CEO of Guilded Boston, and Allison putting on the finishing touches on Michael's look

A big “thank you” to everyone who helped us put this show together, including Guilded Boston and the Liberty Hotel; without them this show could not have happened. Also, a big thanks to everyone who came out in support of 9tailors. The Liberty Hotel was packed with people watching the show.

It was so exciting to see everyone come together to put this fashion show together. Come check out our next event in late August, when 9tailors will be hosting a custom dress shirt event in Boston. It'll be a great chance to get a shirt fitted just for you.

I am really excited to be working with 9tailors for the next few months, especially with how busy we’re getting. I’ll keep you posted on everything that’s going on through this blog, and you can follow me on Twitter too, just add: @martha_9tailors.

Summer Associate

Below are some photos of our shirts (and models!) from the fashion show.

Chase relaxing in geek chic (image by Bill Downey)

Faisal kickin' back in street style (image by Bill Downey)

Michael sporting our classic tailoring (image by Bill Downey)

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