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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9tailors Trunk Show Was A Hit And More Fashion Show Photos

Since our last big event (the fashion show at the Liberty Hotel), we've been incredibly busy at 9tailors. We had our most successful trunk show this past Saturday at Guilded- despite the pouring rain all day! The event started at noon and was non-stop busy until 5PM. At several points throughout the day, the whole room was filled with people (men and women!) all designing shirts. It was so much fun meeting so many new clients and helping them design shirts. It was also great to see so many returning clients come in to check out our new fabrics and designs. All in all, it was a huge success and we can't wait for our next event. Here are a few facts and figures that were definitely impressive:

# of Shirts Bought: 63
# of New Clients: 24
# of Returning clients: 6
# of Clients per Hour: 6
# of Shirts Designed per Hour: 12.6

So I already posted a couple of teaser photos from our fashion show with Lily & Migs at the Liberty Hotel a couple of weeks ago, but here are some more photos taken by our good friend and photographer Courtney. Some of the behind-the-scenes photos really capture just how chaotic, crowded, and totally exhilarating the preparation process was.

Michael in hair and makeup.
Sam had to make sure all the shirts we brought to put on our models were ready for the runway.
Sam's hair made a big appearance as well.
And the stars of the evening, 9tailors shirts!
The shirts looked great- especially with the contrast fabric on the collar of the shirt, which we can do on the inside or outside collar and cuff with any fabric of your choice.The models all together just before the show began.

It has been such a great summer at 9tailors. We've been so busy and it really shows no signs of stopping! I'll keep you posted on everything that goes on.

Summer Associate

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