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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet our new staff!

You may have noticed some fresh faces at 9tailors. Here's a proper introduction to the newest members of the 9tailors team!

Caroline, Victor, and Celia • Photo by Patrick Ryan of Lens CAP Productions


.....Hello! My name is Caroline and I hail from the Fiji Islands. I currently study advertising at Boston University. As 9tailors’s intern, I write for the company blog and am involved with the sales process. Presently, I am also the newsletter editor and marketing assistant for a non-profit organization.
..........Because I'm studying communications and because I have an interest in fashion, I jumped at the chance to intern for 9tailors. I wanted to work more with online media outlets while learning about the custom clothing market. At 9tailors, I love helping clients to pick out fabrics and design options. I like to recommend more classic colors, such as royal blue or dark grey. For more adventurous shirts, purple or patterned shirts look great! I also suggest getting contrast fabrics in the collar and cuffs to accent the shirt for a polished sexy look!
..........You can get in touch with me at caroline@9tailors.com. I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming trunk shows!

VICTOR, Marketing Intern
..........My name is Victor. I am a MIT graduate with degrees in computer science and management science. I am from China and grew up in Nashville, TN.
..........Once a techy slob, I became more fashion-aware while preparing for interviews in the finance industry. Believe it or not, good taste in fashion makes a difference in the real world. I got in touch with 9tailors while organizing the MIT Career Fair and fell in love with the product. Being a loyal client of 9tailors, I jumped at the chance to work for the company.
..........As a marketing intern, my role includes business development, market research, web development, and everything in between. So far, I am loving my (semi) startup experience at 9tailors.
..........My personal preference is for light colors and complex but not overwhelming texture. I love when I can just grab a shirt out of the wardrobe and sport it in and out of the office. Feel free to reach out to me at victor@9tailors.com if you want recommendations.
..........Looking forward to meeting you all!

CELIA, Sales & Marketing Consultant
..........My name is Celia, and I’m a native Bostonian..My mother is a trained seamstress and worked in wedding gown alterations for most of my childhood, so I grew up with an appreciation for great garment construction and all of its attendant details. I specialized in wardrobing and women’s suiting at United Colors of Benetton, and I’m a semi-retired knitter. 9tailors has been a great place for me to combine my loves for craftsmanship, fashion, marketing, and communications.
..........As 9tailors’ Sales & Marketing Consultant, my role is twofold. When I'm in the studio and at trunk shows, I fit clients and guide them through the design process. When I’m not in the studio, I think of ways to better 9tailors as a company, both by improving our products and finding creative ways to reach consumers who will appreciate our services. My marketing work runs the gamut from writing press releases and handling media inquiries, to researching ways to improve our women’s line and managing our social media presence. I help run this blog, and you can follow me on Twitter: @celia_9tailors.
..........When it comes to shirting, I have an affinity for pinstripes, twills, and French cuffs, but I can help you design a fabulous shirt no matter what your tastes are. I'm a perfectionist and I believe in delivering an experience that each of my clients will enjoy. If you have questions or ideas, or if you want to work with me, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

Want to hear more about staff picks? Stay tuned for our next blog post—we’re offering a sneak peak of our favorite new fabrics!

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