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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

With your wardrobe, can you outdo a sapeur?

Here at 9tailors, we believe in newfangled fashion as shown by the exquisite shirts designed by our clients. We still, however, appreciate the elegance of classic looks. In Daniele Tamagni’s new photo book, Gentlemen of Bocongo, he introduces us to a group of immaculately dressed dandies from the Congo called the sapeurs.

The sapeurs live in a world of war and poverty, but they still manage a clean wardrobe of vibrant fashion. Designer Paul Smith lends his thoughts on the sapeurs’ 1880s French and Belgian colonists’-inspired style: “Their attention to detail, their use of colour, all set against the environment they live in, is just fantastic.”

Like the well-dressed men of fashion capitals like Paris and London, these men know the difference between an off-the-rack suit and a tailored one—just as we expect a 9tailors customer to feel and see the difference between a store-bought shirt and a 9tailors one.

Let these sharply dressed men inspire you, our fellow 9tailors customers, to look and feel your best in all circumstances. Despite their environment, the sapeurs are able to keep a wardrobe of tailored shirts and suits, silk ties, socks, remarkable footwear, and accessories. When designing your next 9tailors shirt, imagine how you want to look. If you’re inspired by the sapeurs, go for striking colors. So, go ahead, suit yourself. You can certainly outdo a sapeur!

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9tailors Intern

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