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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Five Quick Tips for Men" from Mary Lou Andre

Mary Lou Andre is a corporate wardrobe, dress, and image consultant, as well as an author and speaker. She provides private client services and also runs a very helpful website, aptly called Dressing Well. We wanted to share with you something that was in her June newsletter- called "Five Quick Tips for Men." Just in time for Father's Day!

1. Have one dark, neutral suit that fits you well on hand at all times.

2. Play with sport coats- they can up your style in an instant. Check for interesting weaves and buttons.

3. Get measured- nothing ruins an outfit more easily than something that doesn't fit properly.
Get measured today at 9tailors- you'll never again have "make do" with something that doesn't fit well.

4. Wear more than white- there are tons of office-appropriate styles out there that aren't white (blue, lavender, or yellow, for example). Find some unique fabrics at 9tailors that perfectly suit your style.

5. Try beige- although a dark suit is a must-have staple, in the summer months a beige suit is a great alternative and a fashion statement! Be on the lookout for 9tailors suits! They are set to launch mid-summer.

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