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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taylor Twellman

9tailors exclusive interview with Taylor Twellman.

So, how has it been being the exclusive reporter for Comcast Sportsnet?

It’s been great. Basically, I wake up every day and watch a game live at 10AM, then head over to the Comcast studio to watch the next game at 2. After that, we do filming of all of the analysis and commentary of the highlights for the day until about 6.

Wow, that sounds like quite a busy schedule. How does it compare to the schedule of a pro soccer player?

Well, being an athlete isn’t easy. During the soccer season (April through Thanksgiving), I wake up every morning at 7:30. After a hearty breakfast and a walk with my dogs Lola and Mona, I head over to the Gillette stadium to train with the team. After training, we have lunch, and we’re done at 2PM or so. Not during off season, however. During the off season, I work out twice a day with my personal trainer at a warehouse in Needham where a lot of athletes go to work out.

Twice a day?! I’d be surprised if I went twice a week...ok, so when you’re not in workout clothes or a soccer uniform, what could we spot you wearing?

I have a pretty relaxed style. I’m always in my favorite jeans, some sandals, and a tee or button down. Recently, my favorites have been my 9tailors shirts. Oh, and I never forget my watch.

What are your favorite jeans? And what watch are you wearing?

I shop for my jeans at National Jean Company in Newton. I usually wear Sevens or Hudsons, they’re the only ones that will fit my big butt...right now I’m wearing a Panerai watch. It’s the only thing I really spend money on- watches. I have a few.

So how did you hear about 9tailors?

We did an appearance together at the Liberty Hotel in April. The personal attention and care Sam gives to every customer was really amazing. Also, Sam and the 9tailors staff were just so personable and really made sure everything fit right. When I got the gig with Comcast, it was just a natural choice for me to call up Sam.

We’ve heard you’re getting many compliments on the Comcast set. How do you feel in front of the camera?

Great. Again, when something fits you well it just totally boosts your confidence as well as changes how people perceive and listen to you. I’ve felt totally comfortable and confident on tv. It’s been a great experience and I plan to have a long term relationship of buying shirts with 9tailors.

Awesome. So on a different note- you grew up in St. Louis, and have lived in Germany. What do you love about Boston?

I love the summer weather in Boston. I can go out to eat on my favorite restaurant patio at Via Matta when it’s nice out. I also love how Boston is a big town but a small city, and has a very European feel especially in the Beacon Hill and Newbury area. Newbury reminds me of where I lived in Germany, where I was playing soccer for a while.

So besides Via Matta, what are your favorite places to go in Boston?

For food, I always rely on my friend Michael Schlow. He is the executive chef at Radius and Alta Strada. Amazing food. For going out at night, Sonsie is sort of my home base.

What’s next for you?

I hope to continue to do commentary for ESPN. I’m set to be the commentator for the MLS game on July 17 in California. You can watch both the game and the commentary on ESPN/ESPN2. In general, I hope to stay active with Comcast, ESPN, soccer...and keep with 9tailors. You can also follow me at twitter.com/taylortwellman for the most recent updates.

Thanks, Taylor. Ok, now can we take some photos?

Surely. Thanks!

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