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Friday, July 16, 2010

Collar Selection Guide

Here is our collar selection guide. It is divided into categories of face shapes. Good luck!

Round (full cheeks, round jawline)
Look for: collars with straight points with a traditional or narrow spread such as the Standard Point or Button Down
Avoid: wide spread collars that make your face appear fuller and wider

Square (square jawline, broad face)
same guidelines as round

Triangular / Diamond (high cheekbones, narrow / pointed chin)
Look for: medium to wide spread collars that soften your angles
Avoid: narrow spreads and button downs

Oblong / Rectangular (long face, u-shaped jawline)
Look for: medium (everyday) to wide (formal occasions) spread collars that give your face a fuller look
Avoid: narrow spreads and button downs

Oval face shapes can wear almost any type of collar. Remember, however, that you want to also keep your body size in proportion to your collar- i.e. if you are very tall and large, you will want to have a taller, more substantial collar. This applies for all face shapes.

And, as always, you can ask a stylist from 9tailors for personal collar advice.

Ready to explore a whole new world of collars? Off-the-rack shirts usually don't have a wide array of collar choices. Come to 9tailors to find that collar that perfectly suits you! E-mail us at info@9tailors.com for more information.

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