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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Double Breasted

Fall is fast approaching. Are you ready to wear something double breasted?

A bit of information about how to wear this style:

Does it suit your shape? Double breasted suits look best on men with a medium or tall build. However, anyone can wear a double breasted suit if the jacket is tailored at the waist.

Choose the right lapel. You should always choose a peaked lapel to go with the double breasted style.

How many buttons? The most common number of buttons for a double breasted jacket is six buttons (two rows of three). Four button jackets, such as the one in the photo, simply leave out the extra two buttons which are usually decorative (not meant to be buttoned).

Ok. Got the suit. Now how to wear it? Double breasted suits are usually worn with neckwear and pants with details (cuffs or pleats) to balance out the hefty style of the jacket. Because of the extra fabric in the jacket, double breasted styles are not ideal in the summer. However, the man in the photo with his white linen double breasted suit looks like he's rocking it in July.

For the ladies. Double breasted styles can be a great alternative for women- especially with the menswear trend in women's clothing. Try a slightly oversized double breasted jacket as the alternative to your go-to blazer for fall. It can be dressed up or down, and also can be made in a tweed or wool to provide style and warmth!

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