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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Suits Decronstructed

Many of you might be asking yourselves, what makes a 9tailors suit a 9tailors suit? Here are some things to consider.

Custom Fit
: When we say custom fit, we really mean it. From American (boxy) to Skinny (very slim), we allow our clients to determine the fit of their suit. For the most part, our jackets are tailored through the shoulders and torso. Our pants are slim through the hip, thigh and pant opening. That's right. No saggy butt or pork chop leg for you.

Fabric: Choose from one of our 700 suiting fabrics (super 120s to 180s wool).

Lapel: We currently offer 4 lapel styles from men, including the Nehru. If you would prefer a slim lapel, we also offer that option as well.

: None, single and double. Isn't it nice to have options?

Sometimes you also want to know what's going on inside the jacket too.

Lining: You may choose a solid or patterned lining in a matching or contrast color. Customize your lining by choosing from our pink, purple, yellow and blue options.

Armhole guard: Yes. We reinforce this area to prolong the life of your armhole.

Welted Edge: All the edges are welted in your jacket. That gives the inside lining a very clean look.

Pants: Slip Guard for your dress shirts shirts. It's important to us that your shirt stays tucked in.

Some like it fastened. Others not.

Sleeve Buttons: Choose from our 3, 4, or 5 button options. Oh, did we mention that they are working buttons?

Jacket: $375
Trouser: $195
Vest: $150

We're giving clients an additional 10% discount when they purchase a two or three piece suit.

We provide free alterations and shipping for all suit clients. If you can't make it into our Boston studio for alterations, don't worry. We will rebate you the amount (up to $75) that you spent on alterations.

Still need more of a reason? We also provide hassle free returns and refunds up to 30 days of receiving the product.

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