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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Why pink? Pink goes well with nearly every color in your closet, it is flattering on most skin tones and, it projects confidence and sensitivity. If you still aren’t convinced, it prompts more second glances from women than any other color you could don.

Wearing a pink dress shirt under a dark charcoal suit adds a bit of excitement to a trusted staple. More versatile than white, pink also goes well with navy blue, grays of all shades, and browns.

Forget the feminine connotation, there is much more than baby pink. Try a bold fuchsia, a relaxed salmon, or more of a powerful red. If you need to take smaller steps, try a pink tie, handkerchief, or vest. Stripes featuring pink are another way to work some attitude into your ensemble. Here are some pictures for the visual learners.

Lebron's use of gray tones down the pink in his dress shirt while the stripes pull the look together.

Kanye's hot pink sweater makes a statement without being too loud.

Ed Westwick used a commanding red tie to make his salmon colored jacket more of a neutral than the focus of the ensemble.

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