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Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 5 Mix Masters

Never have the following five bored us with their wardrobes. Yet the excitement of their choices many times came at the price of unappealing ensembles that made us question their judgment. Yet, perhaps with trial and error, these five men have perfected mixing patterns and now are great examples of how to pull off an eye-catching outfit.

David Arquette
In the past he has worn some of the most outlandish ensembles on the red carpet, or anywhere for that matter. But ,thankfully, he has finally gotten a grasp on how to stay eccentric without making others' eyes bleed.

Ed Westwick

Gossip Girl star has a knack for playing with color and patterns. He is consistently dressed to the nines- but never overdoes it. He piles on the patterns but keeps it in check by sticking with one color theme at a time.

Andre Benjamin

Perhaps better known as Andre 3000 from Outkast, Andre has an extremely distinct style. His affinity for vintage English inspired apparel makes choosing him as a master of mixing patterns an obvious choice. If the duke of Windsor were your style icon, plaid on plaid suits would fill your closet as well.

David Beckham

As one of the most fashionable men on the planet Beckham has a firm grip on his style. His version of clashing patters is realized through texture. In stark contrast to how Andre 3000 opts to be bold, Beckham has a subtle argyle textured sweater in a neutral tone over a blue plaid button down and a tie in a similar tint. His mix creates an outfit that walks the line between formal and casual.

Kayne West

Kayne West is notorious for his love of fashion. His interest is apparent in everything he wears. Well thought out choices create ensembles complete with complementary accessories. Above, his plaid and checked shirt picks up the red from his checkered scarf that completes the outfit nicely.

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