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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Get This - Not Your Ordinary Socks

 Convention tells us that our socks must match our bottoms. While this is a good rule of thumb to avoid the dreaded white, athletic socks with black shoes look, it can be a little dull. Here are some amazing places to liven up your footwear for spring (and they don't have to put a major dent in your wallet....)!

Marcoliani Socks - the ultimate in men's hosiery
Marcoliani boasts the finest yarns, perfect fit and easy care. Their spring/summer collection is made with cashmere, cashmere-silk, extrafine and fin merino wool. Soft and breathable. The best part? They come in some really lovely colors. But, if you don't want to spend $25.00 for each pair, there are still some other affordable options.


The Joy of Socks also have some terrific, affordable options. These are great if you are looking for creative twists to traditional patterns, such as stripes and argyle. The socks above have a small percentage of spandex or nylon giving you the stretch and comfort that you need. One of the socks above even has mustaches on them.

fun socks

If you are interested in graphic socks, look no further than Urban Outfitters. They have socks with anchors, wolves and owls. Wear these with your casual footwear. Plus, they're not too expensive; these socks start just at $8.00.

If you're going with colorful socks, just remember to choose colors that complement or match with your outfit.

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