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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prince William's North American Tour - What can we learn about his style preferences?

Much of the attention, from magazines to TV, has focused on what Kate wore during the royal's visit to North America. Of course, she looked glamorous. Of course, she looked beautiful. But, what about Prince William? How did he stand up? Let's break it down.

Formal Wear: 
There's no doubt about it. William can wear tuxedo - a double-breasted suit with a wide peaked lapel at that. His taste in men's formal wear is classic and sophisticated. His tuxedo jacket is perfectly tailored to his slim build. The pants are a nice width - too skinny and it might look too trendy. The broad lapels accentuate his square shoulders, giving him the perfect V shape. He's tuxedo studs are off-white, which shows that he is into understated accessories and details. There's nothing flashy about his outfit, yet he stands out even when his wife looks as gorgeous as she does.

Casual Wear:
The man can do plaid and jeans. While we're not fans of the cowboy hat, William does provide us with a good lesson - one should always dress appropriately for any occasion. The looser-fit, plaid shirt the medium wash jeans says that he's relaxed, but not sloppy. Not every occasion requires one to wear a super tight shirt, like this guy. Another fantastic lesson is that William knows proportions. He knows with his looser-fit shirt, he should wear jeans of equal looseness.

Smart-Casual Wear -
William looks very handsome in his white pants, dress shirt and navy blazer. The only way to describe this look is, "smart." Here, William shows us that men can wear light colored pants (yes, even white!) in the summer, while looking cool and effortless. If you're too clumsy for white, choose pants are in sand, smoke or faded salmon. If you're trying to avoid beachy, pair your look with a darker, contrasting jacket in a poplin, cotton and light weight summer wool.

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