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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tsaiclip: Tie clips just got hairy

The coolest tie accessory around...

Yes, that is in fact a tie clip in the shape of a perfectly groomed handlebar moustache made a reality by Tsaiclip. Go ahead and revel in the beauty that is the modern fascination with moustaches.

Made by dynamic duo Eddie and Jennifer, this little gem will provide an extra sartorial punch to any outfit and as they like to point out, "avoid all sorts of tie mishaps." I had to ask them some questions to figure out how they thought of it, and what took them so long?

Our conversation went a little something like this:

Q: How did you get started, what gave you the idea of making mustache tie clips? Where was this gem of an idea hatched?

A: Jennifer attended a moustache party where basically everyone sported a moustache and she had a great time. Eddie watched a lot of Mad Men and started to notice tie clips and slim ties come back in fashion. Together they came out of a department store and somehow the brilliant idea was hatched. Then one fateful day, Eddie and Jennifer went to the “Festival of New Ideas” hosted by the New Museum on Bowery. One of the booths we came across was Kickstarter -where we were convinced was a perfect platform to see if an idea like this would stick. it’s been 3 weeks in and we’re happy to report it’s doing well!

Q: What is the moustache tie clip project? How can people get involved?

A: The moustache tie clip project is a crowd-funded project in which the people decide whether or not they want to back the project to see it through as reality. To help our cause, visit us here and follow these basic steps:

Sign-up or log-in to Kickstarter
(link on upper right)Select a reward level on the right
(more karma, more goodies)(achieve funding = moustaches for all!)

We produce and mail our ‘stache to your door
(you get charged at this point)

You get it, wear it, take photos, and share them with us!
(we’re super curious and will post them on our blog with your permission!)

Its also important to note that this is an all or nothing platform, meaning if we don’t reach our funding goal, no one gets charged and thus no tie clips will be sent. So please help us!

Q: Where can people purchase your clips? How much do they cost?

A: We are currently selling the moustache tie clips through Kickstarter until August 1 and are currently discounted to $25. These will retail for $35 after our project is funded and people will be able to purchase it directly off our website. We’ve also contacted some buyers in order to get retail presence as we feel they truly look better in person than online.

Q: Do you hope to expand to other types of tie clips? Maybe other types of mustaches?

A: Nothing is for certain at this point. We have some ideas of exploring different colors, styles, textures but are taking things one step at a time.

And there you have it, tsaiclip. Forging a new era in tie accessories. Need a shirt just as unique to wear with this new addition? Email us at info@9tailors.com to make an appointment. But, if you spent all your money supporting their cause feel free to check out the sample sale. More info on that here.

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