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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Virtual Side of 9tailors

It looks like our quest to spread style across the country is working and we have more and more people requesting remote services.

Out of town? Well, we have just the program for you.

While keeping the human component intact we have implemented virtual fittings. This is where you set up an appointment time by emailing appointment@9tailors.com and hold a fitting without actually having to travel to the studio. Just follow the steps below to avoid the elements.

Step 1- Make an appointment!

Step 2- Find a friend. If you do not have one willing, ask your mother. If she is busy, ask your neighbors. If they are busy, fly to Boston so a trained style consultant can help directly. Although, you may want to bring an umbrella.

Step 3- Gather necessary items including: tailors tape measure, computer with camera, and, said aide from Step 2.

Step 4- Using video chat link up with a 9tailors style consultant.

Step 5- Take measurements and fit preferences. During the appointment you will be coached through the measuring process by a consultant.

Step 6- Wait patiently for your custom items to arrive at your doorstep (or cubicle)!

Step 7- Repeat process for a continually improving wardrobe.

Get the process started now with a simple email to info@9tailors.com to have crisp new shirts ready for your holiday parties!

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