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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Tee: Virtual Client, Personal Trainer and Model

Tee Major, pictured in the 9tailors red gingham shirt
Remember Tee Major, one of our models from a few seasons ago? He's the handsome gentlemen in the picture above in a 9tailors red gingham shirt. If not, you may recognize him because he was one of the twenty-one best bodies in Boston according to Stuff in 2010. Check Tee's amazing photo out here (Worth a look, we promise!).

Since our last photo shoot, Tee has been busy. We mean very busy. He moved half way across the world to do something that some would find unimaginable. Tee moved to Iraq to run one of the gyms owned by the Department of Defense and personally train American soldiers who are stationed there. Talk about intense. 
Tee told us:  "I love serving others, I love training, and I'm an adrenaline junky.  I have trained professional athletes, college athletes, children, and men/women of all sizes and ages.  In my opinion, training military (which is called the tactical segment) was the next step to develop myself as a top fitness professional.  When the opportunity presented itself to train in Iraq I saw it as a way to serve others, serve my country, and quench my thirst for excitement." 

Last month, Tee contacted us and told us know that he would need a suit for an upcoming wedding state side. We happily agreed. One challenge? Tee was still in Iraq at the time and he needed the suit and shirt within 3 weeks. So, we scheduled a virtual fitting with him. We also discussed his fit and design preferences as if he were right here in the studio.

A friend measures Tee's biceps. Yep, 19" in circumference. Perhaps, a record at 9tailors?
Tee said that he chose custom because his "body dimensions are not 'off the rack'."  According to him, "I have broad chest and shoulders, freakishly large arms, and a small waist.  Nothing ever fits quite right.  So it's a comfort thing, but it's also a confidence thing.  You feel more confident knowing that the suit you are wearing is as unique as your fingerprint." 

Two weeks later, the suit arrived in the studio. This is what the suit looked like. It needed some minor tweaks, but overall he looked great in his 9tailors suit and shirt!

Tee at the first fitting. 
According to Tee, "My style advice to other men in my professional field is to try to feel as comfortable and confident in your formal wear as you do in your gym wear."  Tee, we couldn't agree with you more. 

Learn more about our client, Tee, in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned.

Don't live in Boston, but need a perfect fitting suit and dress shirt? Opt for a virtual fitting. Contact us at info@9tailors.com.

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