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Friday, December 30, 2011

Look good (and feel good!) in a bow tie

Bow ties bring personality to any outfit. You’ll turn heads whether you’re wearing a brightly patterned bow tie or a simple black bow tie. And now there’s an even better reason to wear a bow tie proudly: BowTie Cause.

BowTie Cause is a non-profit organization founded by Dhani Jones, former NFL linebacker and University of Michigan alum. The organization partners with over 30 other organizations, like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, throughout the country to promote awareness, encourage philanthropy and support the mission of these charities. Dhani started BowTie Cause because he wanted to find a way to support his close friend, Kunta, who had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Kunta had been the one to tell Dhani that, “If you want to be anybody, you have to rock the bow tie.”

Photo courtesy of BowTie Cause

Dhani did just that, and he started getting others to follow in his footsteps by rocking the bowtie to support organizations with the mission to help others. Each BowTie is thoughtfully designed by Dhani Jones and made especially for each customer. Here are my two favorites paired with some fabrics from the 9tailors collection:

St. Vincent de Paul Bow Tie

Share with us what you think about bow ties, or better yet, bring yours in with you to 9tailors. We’ll help you rock your bow tie with a custom fitted shirt, tuxedo, or suit. To make an appointment, contact us at info@9tailors.com.

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