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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not Your Regular White Dress Shirt

A staple, a boring necessity, a harbor of safety for the clothing shy, an opportunity to showcase your creativity to others. A white dress shirt that fits like a glove is a, like it or not, part of the foundation of a strong wardrobe- for work or otherwise. It can get you through just about any event in style, crisp classic style. Although if you need to beef up your arsenal of go-to shirts here is a great way to do it.

The idea may or may not have subconsciously come from those great photos of quadruplets dressed in complementary clothes.

Regardless of the origin, this tactic keeps your look fresh even when you are largely repeating the same outfit- as tradition outlines for men.

Let us check out the details on each shirt.

The whites are textured and the texture is matched by the pattern inside the collar and cuff. Then for a little extra- but not too much- there is contrast stitching on the cuffs. This allows for details even if the shirt is worn with a tie and the contrast fabric is hidden.

Purple, please. We have said time and time again purple is the cat's pajamas. Check out these two white shirts with an infusion of purple flare. This is a good way for the kids to ease into the deep end.

If you need to replace those once-white-now-yellow shirts let us know. We can set you up with a style consultant and guide you through the process of shirt building.

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