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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shirt of the Week!

A few weeks back I mentioned that we got some new fabrics in the studio. Well, check this new one out. It takes a fearless man who has mastered colors and patterns to command a shirt as bold as this one. We know just the man. He regularly wears bow ties and playful colors, so this shirt fits nicely into his fun style.

To prevent the shirt from becoming aggressive rather than fun keep the bells and whistles to a minimum. In other words, keep the buttons standard and avoid competing accent fabrics in the collar or cuffs. Also, check out the style, very classic and clean to keep the pattern the focus.

Take a closer look, the darker accents are actually a deep purple and navy running parallel. He chose to do navy stitching on the button and buttonhole as his only addition to the shirt. This reinforces the custom look without going overboard.

Come check out our new fabrics and get yourself a gift you really want this season. Or, if you are actually looking to spread the style, get someone you really love a gift card! Send us an email at info@9tailors.com to set up an appointment.