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Monday, March 26, 2012

To Pop or Not to Pop?

A major point of contention among fashion-savvy gents? The Popped Collar. As commonly seen on frat boys and preppies alike, this is oft done with a Polo shirt...usually a pink one. Some may argue this look is strictly for bro-dawgs who find it cool. Others contend it's a great look that only a certain kind of guy can wear. What do you think? Do you pop your collar? If so, when and why? If not, why wouldn't you/would you ever do it? Check out Esquire's amusing debate here between two bloggers with differing opinions.

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Honestly, we at 9tailors maintain you should never pop the collar of your dress shirt. And it still looks lame on a polo shirt, brah! What is this multiple-layered, up-turned collar thing? Is that serious? Joking or not, please stop it. Do yourself a favor---save your integrity from ridicule and nix the collar poppage. 

That said, a few clients have recently gotten sports coats with contrasting fabric on the underside of their lapel. It looks quite edgy when popped yet subtle and demure when left untouched. 

So, we're somewhat okay with you popping your jacket collars, within reason. James Dean sported a popped collar in his most iconic movie role. Are you a Rebel Without a Cause? An upturned collar can look pretty fresh with the right shirt. As we always recommend, if you're comfortable with a look and feel confident that you can pull it off, go for it. If it feels forced, it will look that way on you.

Rebel Without A Cause

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