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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What to Wear on Date Night: Part 1

Whether you've already married your betrothed or you're trying to impress a new fling, you should always look good on date night. Always. You know this by now.

But when it comes down to it, dressing for the occasion is an art you may have yet to master. Convention dictates that it's better to be overdone than underdone, like steak (unless you like a bloody, rare hunk of meat, which is fine, but mutes the point of my analogy). That said, you don't want to show up somewhere and be the only guy in black tie garb as that could err on the side of pretentious. So how do you know what to wear on date night? 

In an attempt to take the guesswork out of dressing yourself for a night out with a fair damsel, I aim to give you a series of guidelines for proper attire in certain dating scenarios. When you make an effort to dress well for your lady, it's a sign of respect she'll undoubtedly appreciate. Part 1!

The obvious, token, standard date: Dinner and a Movie

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First, eliminate speculation. When you make your reservation, ask about the restaurant dresscode or check the website photos to get a feel for the atmosphere and how other patrons dress. There's no shame in preparation. And you'll feel more confident when you approach your closet with an idea in mind. 

If you're going to a nice place like Abe & Louie's or Sonsi, wear nice slacks, a presentable button down, a fitted navy blazer, and nice shoes (see last blogpost). Feeling fancy? Accessorize a smidgeon with a tie or a pocket square (one or the other, not both). You could probably get away with dark jeans here but why not step up your game and sport some trousers? Men don't dress up anymore, time to bring classic cool back.

If you're going to a more casual but trendy place like Cafeteria, you could opt for a nice pair of dark denim pants, a checked button down and a sports coat or vest. I only ask that you look put-together.

If you're just taking your girl to Anna's Taqueria, I have no words for you. Delicious, but not date-worthy.


Okay, it's dark in there--you're really dressing for dinner and whatever happens after the movie. Only going to the cinema? Casual dress is absolutely fine here, just make sure you're wearing clean clothes. Be creative and look nice for your pretty lass. 

Sidebar: Chivalry and romance are seemingly lost nowadays, keep them alive! Open doors, pull out chairs, be attentive, and behave like a true gentleman. She'll be impressed by your manners and your sense of style.

Looking to spiff up your wardrobe for some presentable dating attire? Email info@9tailors.com and a style consultant will help you put together a suit or outfit that highlights just how great you are.

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