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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The MET Ball: What's your flavor?

In celebration of the Metropolitan Museum's opening of the fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute, this annual party's guest list features who's who in the fashion and entertainment worlds. Just another reason for the infinitely glamorous and most beautiful to strut their stuff on the red carpet on one of fashion's "Night of Nights." The 2012 gala was held just a few days ago and has been considered fashions's biggest event, since it began in 1948! Classic tuxedos abound, gorgeous gowns astir, and some of the silliest, creative, or most sophisticated (depending on your viewpoint) frolic fancy-free to New York's social event of the year. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, has made this her East Coast answer to Vanity Fair's Oscar star-studded parties held on the left Coast.

While many men stick to the classic tux, there are simple dashes of fun with unique twists of originality, sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes more bombastic in nature. Personality has everything to do with how your outfit looks on you. What do you think of the men styles below?

Hooray for Hollywood...

The epitome of panache and elegance? Sure, most of the time. These gents play it safe and keep it simple, classic cool is the rule. Mick Jagger's pinstripe suit is a welcome rebuttal to classic standards but only someone with a personality to match can rock this type of loud ensemble.

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And I do my little turn on the catwalk...

Fashion heavyweights, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfield, head two of the most popular and fashion-influential brand names in the world, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, respectively. Both have made names for themselves among some of the best designers EVER... but how do they stack up to your view of a classic look with their personal style? Marc Jacobs "didn't want to wear a tuxedo and be boring." Boring is hardly the adjective to use here!


It's bigger than hip hop, hip hop, hip hop...

They sample classic doo-wop and Motown, why not copy classic Sinatra steez as well? Kanye and Swizz Beats look effortlessly chic and elegant in the classic tux. Swizz jazzed up his version with velvet luxe.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Are you ready for some football...

I know, some of us may still harbor a little bitterness for Gisele because of  her, um, less-than-savory remarks about the Patriots after that Super Bowl that shan't be mentioned (really?!?!) But this golden couple takes center stage every year at the Met Ball and doesn't good ol' Tom look fetching in his midnight navy velvet jacket and over-sized bow tie?

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