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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Nick: "Do What Makes You Most Comfortable"

Meet Nick Tafari, a sweet, laid-back, young gentleman with an individual style all his own. Seen here in a light gray wool-cashmere blend suit in a European cut, a color like this is perfect for daytime summer weddings! Read on to learn more about Nick and how he puts himself together.

Name: Nick Tafari
Age: 20
Hometown: Watch Hill, RI
Current Residence: Boston, MA
Occupation: Student

How long have you been a 9tailors client?
Since October 2011.

Why choose custom?
Buying a suit in Boston can be a pain, because a lot of places will try and put me in a boxy suit, in which I'd look terrible. I buy custom-made so that I can get a suit that forms well to my body, a suit that fits me just how I want it to fit.

As a side note I hate how the bulky, formless fit of suits and tailored clothing is called "American". That always bothers me a little bit, because there are plenty of Americans who steer away from this look. I feel like "American fit" tells us that Americans are supposed to disappear underneath the tent put over their shoulders. I think American designers and clothing stores are definitely showing us that you don't need to go to Europe or pretend to be European to wear fitted clothing. I really love the easygoing, comfortable, judgment-free aspect that American style seems to stand for.

What/who inspires your style? Why?
I just like simple, clean, clothes. I read GQ and scroll through some photography blogs to see what people have put together themselves. I am a Rhode Island surfer and for years I really dressed like it. Recently, I have been mixing the surfer aspect with what I enjoy wearing now and I think its a cool vibe.

What is your favorite piece from 9tailors?
I'd say my favorite piece is my brown windowpane suit. It has an old school, vintage look but fits me perfectly so it looks brand new. I don't have many chances to whip it out, but when I do I feel like a boss.

What would be your style advice to other men in your professional field?
I am not really the type to give others advice about style, I guess I just say, "do what makes you most comfortable." I feel confident when I am wearing clothes that fit me well and express my personality. I wear some nautical jewelry because I love to remind myself of the ocean. It's really about myself and what makes me happiest, a little selfish I guess, but I might even go so far as to say, "don't listen to anyone that tells you how to dress." Every person is different and should be able to style themselves.

Well said, sir.

Take a peak at some other shots of Nick's photo shoot, courtesy of our wonderful photographer, Channing Johnson. Or, you can view more photos of Nick's shoot on our Facebook page here.


Looking for a new suit for those summer weddings? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and design your custom, fitted suit today!

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