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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to: Dress Like A Gentleman: 5 Style Tips To Up The Ante As You Age

Once you reach a certain age, it's time to wave goodbye to the clothing you lived in during college years or as a young bachelor on the town. That said, as you become more distinguished, your wardrobe should follow suit. We recently asked our friend and colleague, Polished Wardrobe Advising Stylist Allison Yee, for her opinions on how to dress like a gentleman and update an otherwise youthful wardrobe. Take it away, Allison!

Tip 1: Pay Close Attention To Fit
As you get older, you may find it harder to purchase the perfect fit right off the rack. Many guys wear clothing that is simply too big for them (e.g. droopy shoulders, sleeves and pants that are inches too long, oversized styles, etc.). Custom clothing is of course an excellent option for suiting and dress shirts, to ensure the perfect fit. But for pieces that aren’t easily made to order, try going one size down from what you normally wear next time you’re out shopping. You may be pleasantly surprised by your reflection! That said, if you notice a garment pulls in certain spots or doesn’t sit quite right, stick with your original size.  Just be sure to consider visiting a tailor you trust to guarantee the best fit post-purchase. Many specialty stores and boutiques also offer complementary alterations, so ask about the store’s policy before you buy!

Tip 2: Follow The Trends…Only So Far
There's nothing wrong with aiming to keep your personal style current, but it's best to incorporate seasonal trends into your wardrobe in small doses and know when to pass on a trend altogether.

Take these trends, for example:

  • A Pop of Color: 
    • Brightly colored clothing from head-to-toe may be overboard, but many older men shy away from color altogether. Rather than sticking with the basics - white and blue dress shirts, traditional ties, solid navy suits, etc. 
    • try adding fresh new colors to your attire in small doses. Pick up a purple dress shirt, a green tie, or a pink pocket square and instantly update your wardrobe with easy changes that pack major punch.

Elevate your style from standard to standout:

  • Pattern Play: Once you’re comfortable with color, try introducing on-trend patterns into your wardrobe. Add contrast cuffs to dress shirts, hints of paisley or plaid to suits and ties with playful (not distracting) patterns!

  • Flat Front Pants: This is a trend that has stood the test of time. Flat-front pants are more universally flattering than pleated-front styles, so don’t shy away from this spot-on trend

Tip 3: Accessorize With Intention
While baseball hats and the latest sneakers may have been enough to complete an outfit in your younger years, dressing like a gentleman requires a bit more thought. Invest in a sleek leather briefcase, an assortment of modern ties (see ya later 90’s patterns), pockets squares, and sophisticated footwear that show off your style.


Tip 4: Leave Athletic Attire At The Gym
GQ may have voted Boston America’s Worst Dressed City, but it’s far from the truth! Let’s be certain to stay off their radar next year by skipping the 24/7 Red Sox gear, mesh shorts, freebie tee shirts and team jerseys. Opt for casual styles that still look polished – fitted polos, slim cut pants and dark denim top the list of must-haves for mens’ weekend wear!

Tip 5: Strive For Your Own Signature Style
Feeling comfortable in your skin comes with age. So shouldn’t feeling comfortable in your clothing come with age too? Invest in a foundation of timeless pieces. Then add patterns and colors you're drawn to, choosing quality over quantity. Make sure that your overall wardrobe mixes and matches well across the board. Brand yourself (not your clothing) and you’ll start to uncover your own signature style just by paying a bit more attention to the details.
Need a little more guidance? Contact Polished Wardrobe Advising for style advice suited to your specific needs. Have an idea for a custom suit or shirt? Make an appointment with a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com

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