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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to: Transition from Summer to Fall

It's about that time of year when summer is slowly (or rapidly for some) coming to an end. Last week was absolutely gorgeous, last night was somewhat scary, but who knows what this week will bring? Considering the wacky weather we have experienced all year round, it can be hard to decide when to start transitioning your style from summer to fall.

1. It's still hot and reaches 80° sometimes.

2. You're probably ready to trade in your shorts for some trousers.

3. You're totally over summer.

So, how do you intertwine two styles and effectively straddle the season change? There are ways to preserve your summer style and subtly introduce your fall swagger before you make a firm decision which way to go (or the weather dictates which way to go). And beware of that Indian Summer heat wave, I suspect that will arise in very early Autumn. These guidelines will help you there as well.

Bottom wear

-Denim, while it is cotton, it's woven together very tightly and can hinder breathability, thereby you sweat unbearably. If you have a pair of jeans that have been washed a number of times and are more relaxed, they'll probably be a bit kinder to you on the warmer days.

-Chinos/Lightweight Trousers are your best friends. With all the fantastic colors of Autumn, you can easily find pairs that will help usher in the Fall styles. Check out Banana Republic or Gap, or come to 9tailors for an array of colors.

Top Half

-Long Sleeve Sweater or Cardigan. On those chillier nights and rainy days, a cotton long sleeve sweater will feel awesome on your body and look chic.

-Short Sleeve Shirt.  If it's hot out, go for a short sleeve shirt, preferably cotton. Consider patterns and colors.


-Okay, okay. This may not be everyone's style. But when looped correctly over a t-shirt or a long-sleeved light button down, it can look pretty fly. Tommy Boy pulls it off.



-Again, bear in mind fabric choice, there's nothing worse than a hot head, literally and figuratively speaking.



-Try unlined or half-lined jackets with a bomber leather sort of look.

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