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Friday, October 5, 2012

Jegga What? Jegga Who? Jegman!

Back in early September, we participated in Fashion Night Out on Newbury Street. Alongside several other wonderful menswear designers, we had a booth in a thrifty pop-up store assembled by the dazzling folks at UpTempo Magazine. Among the flurry of activity from the sidewalk to the stores, creative minds and stylish ensembles wandered the streets and joined together to showcase what's what and who's who in Boston fashion. Much to our pleasant surprise, Boston really turned it onyou tell 'em you're not the worst dressed city! Slowly but surely, Bean.

Amidst all of the talent-bursting people we worked with, we happened upon a dashing young man, Jason Eli Glover. His company, Jegman, designs and produces some of the hippest ties we have ever seenrife with personality, rich with colors and ridiculously clever in pattern. So naturally, we thought of our clients and how much they might love this collection and gots to thinkin'... 

We proudly debut Jegman to the 9tailors studio, assorted ties available for purchase now! Learn more about the company and the owner below:

Jason Eli Glover pictured with the Fall 2012 Jegman collection

 What is your full company name?
Jegman Inc. Simply put, the word ‘jegman’ derives from the initials of our Founder’s name, Jason Eli Glover. We added “man” to his initials because, well, that’s who we proudly cater to. 

Tell us about your company and your products. What is your favorite item out of your collection?
Jegman is a new menswear brand that makes designer neck ties. We provide the modern gentleman with high quality neckwear that suits a range of personalities. All of our ties are original designs and made by hand. Our label takes pride in having crafted an affordable collection that offers subtle novelty, smart colors, a hint of charm and the ability to start conversations.

What was your inspiration? Why did you get involved in fashion?
We were inspired by the all too common ties men wear today. So instead we decided to make ties for the uncommon man looking to dress his personality. Our current collection captures the "boyish charm" most men seem to have forgotten. Our mission is to provide men the benefits of being fashionably unique.

How do you define style? What's your best fashion advice?
Style is personal, no different than a finger print... it's your identity. Our advice for all, match your wardrobe to your true personality. Once aligned, everything else falls in place.

What made you want to partner with 9tailors?
We love the 9tailors team and service offering! Also, we enjoyed meeting at the FNO event and learning about their overall presence here in Boston.

What is your favorite 9tailors item?
Trench Coat

Check some of our Jegman faves below!! 

The Nogotiator

Clip Star

Going Bananas

Rico Fedora

See a tie you like? Want to coordinate with a suit or shirt? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and make your appointment today!

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