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Friday, December 14, 2012

Make it a holidate!

Only a week before Christmas and you still haven't bought that special someone a gift yet. No need to panic! How about a holidate at 9tailors?

Schedule a fitting in advance with a 9tailors Style Consultant. Bring your special someone for the fitting. Help him or her pick out buttons, collars, fabric, etc. Then, we'll get him or her fitted.

The holidate brings you two together and gets him or her a personal and special gift out of the process.

Our custom shirts start at $79 and suits start at $500 (suits are 20% off the month of December). Best of all? No matter your budget, you'll both enjoy the same concierge-style shopping experience.

In case you didn't want to read the above, we've are some good visuals of the 9tailors holidate.

Give each other style advice...

Pick out complementary buttons, monogram, contrast fabrics...
We'll record your order down...

And, we'll get him or her measured! 
 Contact us at customerservice@9tailors.com or call us at our new number 617.286.6185.

Gift cards are also available. Just click here.

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