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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Style Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

See the Movie Trailer HERE
If you have read the popular novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, then you have probably already reserved your seats for the new movie based on the famous storyThe film, set to be released in May 2013, starring the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio, takes place during the Roaring Twenties, post World War I. Narrated by Nick Carraway, a Yale graduate and WWI vet who lives next to the mansion of Jay Gatsby, a millionaire who throws extravagant parties, the book is a timeless classic that any person would enjoy. If you haven't had the chance, we highly recommend you pick up a copy for a good read.

The Great Gatsby may be based in the Twenties, but with the new release of the movie comes new fashion trends for 2012-2013. This season's fall/winter  runways were covered with men dressed to the nines in full two-piece suits, differing in shades of browns,featuring dropped waistline trousers, wide leg trousers, and suspenders. Designers, like Armani, Valentino. and Louis Vuitton have been achieving head-to-toe vintage looks reminiscent of the 1920's era.  

At 9tailors,  we can help you stay on trend by assisting you with your own personal custom suit design. Going for something in the vein of the Gatsby look? We promise to help you look like you time-traveled from the Roaring Twenties, or in this case, walked right off the movie screen. Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com to schedule your appointment today!


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