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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oscars Tuxedoes: The Breakdown

Busy season is hitting us full tilt. In preparation for our beloved wedding couples, we are scouring the interwebs for inspirations, trends, looks, and new ideas. As we have already begun working with so many couples who fancy the classic tuxedo, we figured we'd do a little bloggy on it. 

Basic staples of a tuxedo to note:
  • Darker fabric like black or midnight navy, or even a white dinner jacket
  • Satin accoutrements: lapel, pockets, stripe down the pant leg, and satin covered buttons
  • White Tuxedo Shirt with bib front, wing tip collar (or a crisp white dress shirt)
  • Cummer bund or vest
  • Tailcoat or rear-grazing jacket 
  • Single Button jacket with four sleeve buttons
  • Vent and Lapels differ with designers, era, body type, etc, but the most common and most classic options are a shawl lapel and no vent. 

Those of you looking to tux it up: we've compiled some looks from the star-studded red carpet at this year's Oscars. From the conventional to the updated to the wacky to the inventive, see our photos below for more inspiration on how to individualize your tuxedo look. To see a list of the best dressed actors at the 2013 Oscars, click here

Courtesy of nydailynews.com

CLOONEY: Straight up classy with swagger for days. 
  • Notched Satin Lapel, fabric collar 
  • Tuxedo shirt with Hidden Fly Front
HESLOV: Continued with the classic tux.
  • Tuxedo studs in the shirt
  • No satin on the lapel or collar
  • Midnight Blue!
AFFLECK: He may have been gypped on a Best Director nom, but still took home a well-deserved Oscar.
  • Peaked Satin Lapel, fabric collar
  • Vest and Cummer Bund!
  • Red Bow Tie
  • Full satin shawl lapel
  • The shades, the shades, you gotta have 'dem shades


DANIEL DAY-LEWIS: Best Actor, what a performance as Lincoln. We love this bright hue of a darker blue!
  • Shawl Lapel
  • Tuxedo shirt
  • Classic black bow ties
  • Peaked Lapel
  • Velvet Loafers!
  • Sheen in the fabric, very evening wear appropriate
  • Peaked lapel
  • Vest
  • Double breasted
  • Shawl Lapel
Courtesy of blog.zap2it.com

  • Check the leather tie! Not recommended for the wedding ceremony but maybe the after-party?

Courtesy of abc.com
  • Flaunt that Scottish heritage! Kilts are always appropriate with a tuxedo. Mark's jacket also has some grommets on the pocket besom for added flair. 
  • Highly advise socks to match your kilt!
  • Patent Leather Boots

Courtesy of http://cdn.sheknows.com

  • Nowadays, you can liven up your tuxedo with a different hue. Mr. Foxx does it well with grey.
GQ says:
No Black Tie
The biggest trend in black tie? No black at all. Designers brought their color wheels to eveningwear this season in a big way, painting tuxedo and dinner jackets in rich midnight navy, jewel tones, and even khaki, as seen at Valentino. The other big news for formal was summer-ready eveningwear that harbors all the old-world glamour guys want in a tuxedo, but is lightweight enough to not leave you in a puddle at the end of the night.

Read More here

Courtesy of justjared.com

We usually applaud Iron Man for his impeccable taste, but we don't love the monochromatic look with a tuxedo. Try breaking up your colors for your wedding day.

Nick Fury looks DOPE in the velvet jacket and contrast lapel trim. When you typically play a badass, you must dress the part. Velvet is very Spring! Did you know we carry it in the 9tailors studio? Read here. 
Courtesy of popsugar.com.au

  • We swoon for JGL, not only because he seems to be in only awesome movies, but his fashion choices are always a hit. This is a very subtle design option that we are seeing more and more. 
Courtesy of movies.yahoo.com

  • Continuing with the subtle velvet additions, see how last year's Best Actor Winner sported a full velvet collar. 

So, there you have it. The tuxedo, in all its traditional glory, as well as Hollywood's embellishments, is the classiest suit you can own. Obviously, we will guide you along the most conventional sartorial rules (we love The Black Tie Guide). However, it's your wedding and you can do what you want! Inspired? Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com to book your consultation.

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