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Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Be An Effortless Gent: Cuffs and Pleats

There is a huge debate out there over cuffs and pleats. However, cuffs and pleats are creeping back into   our wardrobe vernacular after years of discarding them as old-fashioned and dated!

Traditionally, pleated pants have resulted in the troubling condition known as "balloon butt" (extra material gathered around the hip and rear). Cuffs too, have taken a beating as it has tendency to make mens's legs appear shorter.

If you are one those curious types and don't mind diving into this trend, here's how to do the look well.

For cuffed pants:

Photo from Sodahead
  1. Select a slimmer, more tapered trouser. These trousers should fit snugly through the thigh and knee. The hem must have a narrow ankle opening. 
  2. Choose the correct length. A cuffed pair of trousers should have no break at all. The trousers should gently skim the bottom of your ankle. Or, if you are extra adventurous, you can go above the ankle. This ensures a clean look. (If you want to don't want to fully commit your suits to cuffs quite yet, try them on your next pair of casual slacks or jeans.) 

For Pleated Pants:
Image from Esquire

  1. Pick a petite pleat. Here, bigger is not better. Find a pair with single pleats that are nearly invisible on either side of the trousers. Deep pleats make the pants balloon out. 
  2. Go for clean. Overall, the silhouette should be clean and unfussy. Make sure that the pants are slim through the hip.  

The effortless gent shouldn't feel compelled to do both. Contrary to convention, you can pick one or the other in this look.

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