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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4 More Ways to Fold a Pocket Square, Beginner to Intermediate Edition

source: sixborn.com
Jay-Z is rocking a one peak fold pocket square, Justin Timberlake is rocking a straight fold pocket square 
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The importance of the pocket square is often underestimated and unappreciated. Suits became appreciated with the rise of Mad Men but alas, the pocket square is not always in its company. Justin Timberlake aided the revitalization of being a dapper gentleman with his vests over button downs as casual wear and fedora hats. With the glimpse of dressing dapper, his style has evolved into a sleek sophistication with bow ties and pocket squares. 

For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, you understand the importance of a good clean suit guided by Barney. Neil Patrick Harris keeps his suit subtle and clean but breaks up the blue in his shirt and suit with a clean line of a pocket square so not to be overwhelmed with a little spunk with dots on his tie. The folds below are arranged in order from the beginner to intermediate folding levels. 

source: GQ
Neil Patrick Harris wears a straight fold

Sleek and sophisticated, an understated fold
Suitable for every hour for every occasion

1. Fold the left side of the square 1/3 of the way
2. Fold the right side of the square 1/3 of the way
3. Fold in half downwards
4. Insert into suit pocket and enjoy the simplest fold in your suit

A romantic fold for evening affairs

1. Bring the bottom left corner up to meet the upper right corner
2. Bring the bottom right corner to meet the upper left corner
3. Bring the upper right corner across to the left side
4. Bring the upper left corner across the right side to mimic the previous step
5. Place fold into pocket with the top edges peaking out

A conservative fold without the peaks, suitable for work and play

 1. Lay square out as a diamond
2. Fold the top tip to meet the bottom tip
3. Bring the left point down to almost meet the bottom tip
4. Bring the right point down to almost meet the bottom tip
4. Fold the left and right points towards the behind
5. Stay on the back side and fold the bottom up 
6. Turn back around and insert into suit pocket

An evening fold for formal affairs

 1. Start from a diamond shape
2. Fold bottom point up to the top point
3. Fold the top layer down almost all the way, leaving about an inch strip at the bottom
4. Fold the point back up half way up the bottom strip
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 
6. Fold the triangle in half, securing the folded pleats
7. Rotate the triangle so bottom left corner is now the tip point
8. Fold the left point inwards 
9. Fold the right point inwards, leaving the pleats visible at the tip
10. Place in suit pocket and go

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