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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Warm Up with Winter Coats and Bourbon

Bourbon. Whisky. Scotch. Who really knows the difference? 'Tis the season when brown liquors enter our systems to warm us from the cold, harsh climate of New England (except that it is wonderfully warm right now for Movember).

Mark your calendars because on December 5, Brother Cleve, Boston's most influential bartender, will be pouring you and your friends glasses of Four Roses Bourbon and teaching you all about it. You'll also have a chance to preview the 9tailors custom winter outerwear and coating. This is a free event so, drink, relax and cozy up with a glass of bourbon.

Bourbon Tasting & Winter Coat Preview
9tailors Boston Showroom
December 5
6:00PM to 8:00PM 
Email: info@9tailors.com to RSVP
**Due to space constraints, there is limited availability. If you send us an RSVP, you must receive a confirmation email to attend.**
**Limited to 1 guest per RSVP (you + 1 guest)**

More about what you'll be drinking....

Did you know? scotch and bourbon are types of whiskey based on where and how it is distilled. Bourbon's distilling details are so fine and intricate, there are legal standards for a bourbon to be born. What makes a bourbon a bourbon? Federal law includes but are not limited to, 
  • Must have been made in the USA
  • At least 51% of the grain used must be corn
  • The maximum distilled strength is 160 proof and must be bottled with the minimum strength of 80 proof. When it is barreled for aging, it cannot be more than 125 proof. 
  • The whiskey must age in a virgin charred white oak barrel
    • To be a "straight bourbon", it must age in the virgin barrel for at least 2 years with no added coloring, flavoring or spirits. It must remain pure. 
Four Roses Bourbon is celebrating their 125th Anniversary, dubbing 2013 the Year of the Toast and was awarded American Distiller of the Year for its third year in a row!

source:  bourbonblog.com

More about the man...

Stay tuned for next week's post introducing you to the ever-dapper, Brother Cleve! The man responsible for Boston's cocktail scene.

source: Bill Brett for the Boston Globe

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