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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Looks We LOVE to See on Men

Valentine's Day is just at the end of this week and the pressure is building. If you don't have a date yet, there's still time to impress that special someone you have your eye on. We have put together a list of items that we love to see gentlemen in. We can't help but do a double take.

Sweater With a Quarter Zipper
It's not something the average guy thinks to get but it gives a polished, mature look. It says, "I'm grown-up and my mother doesn't dress me" - Alex, Style Consultant and Studio Manager
Vineyard Vines, source: bloomingdales

A Well Fitted Button Down With Jeans
It's comfortable and approachable. You're put together without going overboard. - Karly, Style Consultant
Etro, source: nordstrom

A blazer just makes just about anything sophisticated.

Look 1: Pair a blazer with a button down and jeans gives the wearer a cool and collected look. It's a man who means business but still knows how to relax and not take everything too seriously. How does your heart not throb while looking at Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto? Aside from them being them, their looks are effortless. 
Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto, source: gq
Look 2: Throwing the blazer on over the jean jacket not only makes everything seem more put together but also gives the blazer an air of edge. It says, you care about how you look but you don't need to follow all of the rules. You decide what looks good on you, not the fashion spreads. The accessories don't hurt either, the pocket square keeps the sophistication of the blazer, balancing the formal look with the uber casual look. 

source: istreetfashion

A man who wears patterns just says "fun".

Look 1: Plaid. Who doesn't love a man in plaid? The pattern exudes masculinity without carrying an ax around in the woods with a full beard. Cultural influences has lead us to believe a man in plaid knows how to take care of himself and his environment.

Ryan Gosling, source: totalfilmmag
Look 2: Mixing Patterns. A man who has taken the time to coordinate patterns into his wardrobe pays attention to details. It is bold and difficult to do but extremely attractive when it is well done. It says, not only do you like to have fun, but you know how to fun without going crazy or getting into trouble. 

source: seat14a

Vests With a Button Down
Not many men wear vests so it's always something special to see one. It's dressing nicely without going too formal and looking strictly business. It's gives an air of comfort and makes the wearer look distinguished. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, source:gq

Crew Neck Sweaters
After all of the plunging v-necks men have been wearing of the past few years, it's nice to return to the classic crew neck sweater. It can be dressed up with a button down underneath it or kept casual with jeans or corduroys. It's a staple in a man's closet (or it should) and nice to see someone so at ease. As much as we love men taking more care in what they wear and paying attention to suit details and pocket squares, they need to have a complimenting casual closet, too. A man who dresses up all the time can come off as being stuffy. A well balanced closet is always best. 

source: new york times

Leather is another look that speaks to masculinity, jackets, bags and shoes. A leather jacket gives a man a 'bad boy' look automatically. Enough said. 
Chris Hemsworth, source: itsmusicfashionlife

Bow Ties
It's an accessory not every man will venture into. Learning how to tie a bow tie can be frustrating. Learning how to pair it with your everyday wardrobe instead of just wearing it for formal occasions can be daunting. Finding the fun patterns is fun but then matching that up with a shirt you already own instead of buying a new one, that can be just as confusing. However, when a man learns how to wear and tie a bow tie, you know he's a grown-up and not afraid of challenges. *Clip-on ties don't count. 

Pharrell Williams wearing a bow tie and a leather jacket, an irresistible combination. source: papermag

If these looks don't work for you - a good rule of them is to have an approachable put together look. 

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