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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clean Shoes, Clean Details: Socks

Now that your shoes are shined and ready for Spring, don't forget the details. Socks and colored shoelaces have become surprisingly important in menswear fashion in the past few years. People are paying more attention to the pattern and colors of your socks and how they match up with your tie or pocket square. The sock is one of the few places that you can have some fun with while at work. 

Ryan Gosling at "Drive" premiere showing off red socks with black loafers.
source: mensfashionmagazine

Keeping it (kind of) Conservative,

If you don't know where to start but want to start exploring, start with playing with classics. Argyle and stripes are safe bets but are brought to life with bright color combinations or go for playful patterns, like polka dots, but stick with classic colors, like black and white. Our client demonstrates the latter option below. 

Actual Client, Dan, showing off playful black and white polka dotted socks with red shoelaces to match the heel of the sock over black shoes. It all ties together so seamlessly, you can't help but love it! 

If you really want to jump into the trend but not get overwhelmed by too many options off a wall, Happy Socks makes gift sets for men with a perfect balance! The argyles keep it classic but the colors make it more playful. Blue is always a safe color and also is the most favored color among men, so you can't go wrong. The gray is a safe color that matches just about anything but keeps it alive with the pink edge and blue toes. The polka dots stay playful but not too outrageously so with it's navy background. This gift set has the conservative sets for work and bolder sets for weekends. 
Happy Socks gift set for Men, $45.00

Want to be a little more playful than argyle's and polka dots but still be able to wear socks to work? Again, play with the pattern but stick with conservative colors. It keeps the looks well balanced and not too overwhelming in the office as you walk by.
Happy Socks, Paisley $12.00

If you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of black and white socks in fun patterns. The pops of color on the heel, toe and band are always hidden surprises that allow you to wear these socks in conservative settings. You get to have fun without looking inappropriately dressed.
Ted Baker Hounds Tooth Socks, $24.75

Getting Playful and Bold,

The geometric pattern and bolder color makes this sock better suited for play and a casual or bolder suit. This would look fantastic with the bluer suits our clients have been ordering! Very seasonally appropriate.
Ted Baker Banofie Sock, $14.03

Super playful and absolutely for weekend wear. Whenever a sock is covered in an all-out print such as parrots, you can't resist buying them but you have to make certain you're showing them off with the right outfit.
Ted Baker Madera Sock, $14.03

Floral, floral everywhere! It can't be Spring without roses blooming and gardens getting replanted and freshened for the long sunny Summer days to come.
Happy Socks Rose Sock, $12.00

Boston Magazine employed local illustrator, Nick Sullivan to show wearers how to show off their socks on weekends by rolling up their pants.

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

illustration by Nick Sullivan for Boston Magazine

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