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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Much is Too Much Pattern?

Pattern button down shirts have been coming into men's fashion for the past few years that started of cautiously but is now running with the wind. So, how do you know when too much pattern is too much? 
Simple answer: when it hurts your eyes. 

Everyone tends to start with plaid or stripped shirts when beginning to venture off of the solid colors. 
source: GQ
Cameron from Modern Familiy,
Source: 4.bp.blogspot

And then there's always the floral print that is becoming a classic. But how do you wear floral? Well, the louder you go, the more casual you become. 
This shirt is a great example of a floral shirt you could wear with a conservative suit in the office. A solid conservative suit will balance out the floral print. Keeping the floral print on a smaller scale will keep it from getting too loud. Try to keep in mind the colors you are wearing as well, this shirt is a nice light blue, keeping in line with traditional work shirts. 
Ted Baker Fiftrim Floral Button Down
Source: Ted Baker
The louder the print, the more casual you become. Something to keep in mind when wearing loud floral is to watch when it starts adapting a tropical flavor. Once you go there, you either border or enter the Hawaiian shirt territory; which are great for vacations or if you work at Pixar, but not so much for every day work wear. This shirt keeps an upbeat playful attitude while catering to those who are bolder than someone just entertaining floral. 
source: Gitman Bros, Mon Chou Chou print

What's really growing in popularity are tiny prints and I love them! It's more playful than floral but can still be conservative at first glance due to its small scale. They are also in vogue this season for men but I'm sure they'll be sticking around much longer than that. 

Polka dots are a classic more playful pattern. Most men tend to shy away from this look, thinking it to be more feminine, associating it with children. However, printed shirts are becoming more playful and are allowing men to be less conservative without going overboard. 
Ted Baker Thebosa Shirt
source: Ted Baker
This shirt looks conservative from afar but when you get up close, it's full of fishes!!
Ted Baker Fishbiz Shirt
source: Ted Baker

Now this isn't to say that you can't wear louder shirts full of color or large prints. If you though, just be sure to own it. Don't let the shirt wear you, you better be wearing that shirt and showing it off with pride! 
Cameron of Modern Family
source: AfterElton

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