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Friday, July 11, 2014

Accessories Highlight: JORD Watches

Summer time is about rolling up your sleeves and showing off your guns. Getting away from the city when you can and getting back in tune with the great outdoors, whether in the woods or on the water. JORD watches has the perfect combination for their natural watches in the city in-between your weekend trips. 

"Delmar" Watch
source: JORD

Their wide variety of designs makes them easy to wear casually or in the office. Starting off in November 2013, the company has fresh eyes for the market. They made sure to start off ahead of the game with their sustainable materials and being mindful of their environmental impact. 

source: instagram@woodwatches_com
The company was started by 3 brothers and group of close childhood friends, based in St. Louis. The gentleman wanted to build something that not only would leave an impression on people but combine form and design. Today's technology makes everything overly accessible to the point where we are left with a feeling of nostalgia. Our generation (those of us in our mid to late 20s) grew up when technology was just beginning to grow. Touch screens and automatic vacuums were still considered science fiction. 

Rosie the robot maid from The Jetsons
source: bing
The nostalgic hunger for simpler items like the typewriters has lead the masses to go vintage markets and remakes. Items are also being remade to adapt to technology, such as piece of drift wood to be an IPad holder, making every piece unique, personal and a beautiful nod to nature. 

Driftwood Dock by Docksmith
source: etsy
Merging nature with contemporary design and function is a growing market that is difficult to achieve well. With the brother's father and grandfather as avid watch collectors, it was the perfect to be inspired by their passions and continue the family tradition; only they get to create their own collection. JORD watches are able to create a beautiful harmony between nostalgia, nature, function and contemporary design.

copyright 9tailors, LLC.
Their favorite watch? The 764 Model. The reason? 

"It is unlike any other watch on the market right now. It is the only all wood watch that is automatic. Not to mention, it is just a very cool/unique looking watch. It has many nicknames, we have had people call it the snake watch, the transformer watch, the mid-evil watch, etc." 

The 746 Model, shown in Black and Maple wood
source: JORD
Their clean designs and polished wood keeps the watches appropriate for the office, while the wood aesthetic keeps it perfect for the weekend or casual wear. 

Lounging around in a suit and wooden watch
copyright 9tailors, LLC.

From Left to Right: the company favorite - The 746 Model, Sully in Natural Green, a best seller - 94A in Chocolate and Ely in Cherry, modeled by 9tailors.
source: JORD

Little bonus? That guy in your life that is slightly fashionably challenged and loves watches but complains they're too gaudy, this is the perfect compromise. 

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