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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't be a slouch - How to pose for a photograph!

Nothing quite describes an "awkward moment" like the second someone tells you he or she's taking your photo you. With no idea what to do or how to look, you stand there stiffly like a deer in headlights. Afterwards you peruse your Facebook profile and silently wonder why your pose looks so staged and fake. That's why we've created some tips on how to always look natural and effortless in your photos.

Here's what not to do:

"The Slouch"
...are you entering a small doorway?

                                                      Z Zenga $1,295 brown mens suit. As seen in GQ, worn by Dave Franco

"The I-don't-know-what-to-do-so-I'll-act-like-I'm-doing-something"
......C'mon Cristiano. No one eats grapes like that. 

....Seriously, it's not necessary. 

Don't fret, guys. We know some of you are guilty of doing a few or all of the above-mentioned poses. But now, it's time to the right way to pose in photos.

Tip #1: Breathe. Taking a deep breath and letting it out relaxes the muscles in your face and body. As you exhale, have your friend snap the photo.

 Tip #2: Create some angles. Stand with your feet slightly apart (one forward and the other back is the best). Then, angle your body to the camera. Face can be slightly tilted. Or, if you're a pro, walk towards or across the view of the camera. As an added benefit of creating angles? You'll look slimmer. 

Tip #3: Keep yourself occupied. Photos do more than capture your mug, they capture a moment in time. While your getting your photo taken, have a lighthearted conversation with your photographer. A laugh or a smile will seem more genuine on camera when you actually mean it! Not a conversationalist? Do something with your hands. Button your top jacket. Put one hand in your pocket. If you put both hands in your pocket, stand at an angle.

Tip #4: Know your best look. For some it's a smoldering stare, for others is an ear-to-ear smile. Know how you look best and work it. Even if it takes a tiny bit of narcissism.    

Oh, and wearing custom clothing helps too. Contact us at info@9tailors.com to begin (or add to) your custom wardrobe!

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