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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does Your Shirt Fit You Correctly?

Unless you are one of the rare folks who fit into off-the-rack clothing perfectly, it can be a pain to find a shirt that suits. Going custom will help you avoid the hassle of the hunt. If you must purchase store-bought shirt, here are some fit tips!

TIP #1 COLLAR - Enough space for a finger or two between you in the collar. 

The collar of a shirt should rest on the skin of your neck with enough space for you to easily slip one finger in between the fabric and your neck. If you can fit more, then it's too large. If you fit a finger in between the fabric and your neck without tugging, have a hard time buttoning the collar or just plain can't breath, it's too small.

**Try flipping the collar up before buttoning the top of button of the collar. **

TIP #2: SHOULDER - The seam of the shoulder should rest where your shoulder ends, letting the sleeve drape neatly while giving you the appropriate sleeve length. If the seam hangs over your shoulder, it's too large. If it is tight on your upper bicep, it is too small.

TIP #3: TORSO - The shirt should contour the shape of your midsection. If the shirt is billowy and you have the infamous "parachute back". If the buttons are pulling at all or you're having trouble moving, it's too small.

**The term "Slim Fit" is used liberally by brands to describe their fit styles. So, try a few different brands out to see which one fits you the best.**

TIP #4: SLEEVES - Unbuttoned, the sleeve should hit the top of the middle of the hand. When buttoned, the sleeves should reach to just past your wrist bone. Try your shirt on with a jacket. You should see between 1/4" to 1/2" of sleeve cuff peeking through the jacket.

**Don't lift your arms, like a zombie, to check sleeve length. It's highly doubtful you'll be walking around like that all day.**

TIP #5: SHIRT LENGTH - The shirt should reach to just past the middle of your trouser zipper. If the shirt grazes the top of your thigh, it is too long. If it is just past your waist and your stomach shows when you lift your arms even slightly, it's too short.

So, there you have it. Five simple tips for finding the perfect shirt for your shape and size. You might find that you'll have to compromise - it fits here, but not there. Lucky for you, we're available at info@9tailors.com to schedule a consultation and design a shirt that fits you perfectly, in every way.

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