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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus!

Festivus at Felt was so much fun--no lines, no cover, fun people, and free pool sponsored by 9tailors! Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special shout-out to all the new friends we met. Hi!

If you missed the event, you also missed Dashing, Dapper, and
Debonair--a.k.a. Victor Wang, our marketing intern; Ernie Chin, NAAAP Boston leader; and Phil Han, Get Prept CEO and Festivus organizer. They're all wearing 9tailors shirts! Extra kudos to Phil, who is single-handedly bringing bowties back to Boston. Click on the photo to zoom in--it's made of a plaid fabric with skull-and-crossbones details. How wonderfully whimsical!

If you haven't heard of this Festivus of which we speak, you're missing out! Here's a photo of the folks who brought it to mainstream America...

9tailors can help you replicate these looks!

...and a short clip to bring you up to speed.

Happy Festivus, and happy holidays from 9tailors!