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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

suit yourself: people with style (awei)

in response to sam's interview, which truly features an individiual with style, i scanned my mental rolodex in hopes of finding an haute-couture friend or acquaintance that i could showcase and trump sam with. alas, the only individual i located is my former college roommate who asked to be referred to as raging yak to protect his anonymity.

while raging yak may not be the paradigm of high fashion, he does possess his own unique style; a style which has been mainly defined by a lengthy, driven, successful career on Wall Street. here's what he had to say:
awei: u busy?
r. yak: i got time for you
awei: cool. i'm doing "homework" for sam related to her custom tailoring business.
awei: 6 easy questions. you got a few?
r. yak: ok
r. yak: shoot
awei: Define your personal style.
r. yak: conservative
awei: ok.
awei: What's the coolest thing you own in your closet?
r. yak: a sweater hoodie from banana republic
awei: that sounds quite cool.
r. yak: haha
awei: What/Who inspires you? Why?
awei: (in terms of fashion)
r. yak: oh thanks for qualifying
r. yak: i was going to go in a very diff direction with that question
awei: yea, not ghandi
r. yak: i would say my current boss
r. yak: my sense of fashion is set by the way he dresses
r. yak: i am a conformist
awei: that's an endearing quality.
awei: next question: What is your worst-ever fashion-faux pas?
r. yak: cheapness
r. yak: in my first job out of college
r. yak: as a banker, i wore my suits and my shoes until they had rips and refused to buy new ones. it took my boss to tell me that i had to keep up appearances or else i would never get ahead in this world. so i had to invest in my wardrobe
awei: i see.
awei: thanks for sharing.
awei: What would you never be caught wearing?
r. yak: i would really wear anything
awei: another man's face a-la-silence of the lambs?
r. yak: why not?
awei: good question... why not?
r. yak: the question is more what would i never buy?
awei: ok, what would you never buy?
r. yak: i understand now that clothes are an investment. and i only buy clothes that contribute to my career. so anything else, i won't buy
r. yak: i.e. another man's face = no
r. yak: unless there is a compelling return
awei: makes logical sense.
awei: final question: How would you wear a button-down dress shirt? (e.g., tucked in/out, under a vest, under a blazer, slim fitted, unbuttoned)
r. yak: tucked in with a tie with a suit
awei: very conservative.
r. yak: yup
awei: thanks for your the time. do you mind if i post your answers on a blog?
awei: that is rarely trafficked
r. yak: as long as my name is not associated
awei: how about "raging yak"?
awei: can i use that?
r. yak: sure

special thanks to raging yak for, yet again, helping me with my homework.

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