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Sunday, November 11, 2007

suit yourself: people with style (sam)

this week we decided to feature ordinary people who we think have a great sense of style. as austin mentioned in his last blog entry, fashion is fluid. take, for instance, a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans - one person might wear it with a pair of fabulous shoes, another might adorn it with whimsical earrings, and yet another drape it with a luxe coat. fashion allows people to play it up or dress it down however they see fit. what were our criteria to “people with style”?
  • people who don’t follow trends, but follow their style instinct
  • people who have the ability to make any outfit their own
  • people who influence us to push our own fashion boundaries
here’s my pick: may yoon

fiona ip and may yoon

eclectic and daring: these are the two words that come to mind when i think of may ’s sense of style. may has an offbeat chic-ness, mixing a range of designers with cute accessories: a vintage clutch, a long, gold locket, or a cool newsboy cap. fiona ip, her wellesley college friend, says, “some friends are like that. they make it so effortless. it’s like, how do you look so cool? may is not afraid to stand out with colors, patterns, and accessories.” needless to say, her fashion choices are always eye-catching, head-turning, and inspiring.

sam: define your personal style

may: comfort is key. i got used to traveling in europe where it's essential to not only look good, but, also, be prepared to walk around all day. i like big chunky accessories and patterns/colors. my friends often pick out things and say, "that's very mayberry" – which i guess would incorporate any of the following: big patterns, bold colors, flowers, vintage bags & shoes, gold, lace... i'm a typical gemini with a dichotomous style - i often mix something very big and bold with something delicate and feminine.

sam: what’s the coolest thing you own in your closet?

may: my favorite items are my accessories...tough to choose just one, though. i would have to say it's a close call between my brown stockings with tiny little hearts all over them and a pair of knee high military boots from greece.

perfectly accessorized in budapest

sam: what/who inspires you? why?

may: celebrity wise, i love cameron diaz's style--she's unique and playful but can pull off any look. i am also inspired by and have great respect for people who can come out dressed head to toe from target and look better than someone who spent an arm and a leg at bergdorf. you have to know yourself and know what works for you in order to do that well. personally, i love finding beautiful things in unexpected places. some of my best items were purchased on the streets or from independent designers. mostly, i love collecting clothing/accessories during my travels because that's really the only way you can create your own, personal look.

sam: what is your worst-ever fashion-faux pas?

may: wearing nylons with open-toed sandals. or tight pants with a “vpl”(visible panty line).

sam: what would you never be caught wearing?

may: something that is clearly way too small.

sam: how would you wear a button-down dress shirt?
may: over black 3/4 length leggings with a red snake-skin leather belt, black booties, and gold bangles.

do you know someone who you think has style or do you think you have style? e-mail us
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