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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What would Austin wear if I took over his wardrobe - Part I

Austin loves his New Balance sneakers. While there is nothing particularly wrong with them (they are very practical for vigorous outdoor activity), the shoes don't really say, "I'm a gentleman." So, what would Austin wear if I took over his wardrobe? I would want to buy a pair that is comfortable, modern and sharp. And, I would definitely choose a pair that doesn't make him look like a frat boy.

Below are some sporty, classy and grown-up options for him.

If I had a million dollars this is what I would choose:
suede sneakers from Ferragamo

Since I don't...these will do:
Kenneth Cole sleek leather sneaks

But he won't let me take over his wardrobe, so I have to live with these:
his New Balance shoes

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